Sunday, May 24, 2020

2 and 10 strategy

This year our behavior specialist taught the staff about a strategy called, 2 and 10.

You can read more about it herehere.

If you have been around a seven year old before, you know it is a tough time in development.  They go from silly and joyful six year olds to serious and moody seven year olds.  I recognized this as a teacher but with such mixed age ranges in classes, I had a hard time wondering why so many of my kids were so different.  I always noticed a lot of friendship troubles starting in January each year.  It wasn’t until I read the Yardsticks book that it all made sense.  Seven year olds like being alone, they like having one best friend even though it changes often, but they also have some low self-esteem.  
Next year, I plan to make time to have 3-5 students on a rotating 2 and 10 chat time.  Once they turn seven, I hope to put them on my list.  Set a timer for 2 minutes, and actively listen to a child talk about anything.  Write down some notes and bring the next child back.  Once a child has met for 10 days straight, I plan to put them on a weekly or every other week schedule to talk for 2 minutes.
I used this strategy with 4 different students this year and the results were magical.  This is definitely time that might be taken away from squeezing in one more enrichment lesson or sight word group but it will be worth it!  As a result of satisfying their belonging and safety needs, their effort improved for academics.  I guess Maslow was on to something.  😉
I worked with a young man last year that we first had to start with a scaffolded approach.  He had a notebook and I would ask these questions.  It was tough to get him to answer at first, but soon he was telling me his life story!  
This is an easy strategy to try BUT you have to be consistent with meeting for 10 days straight.  They really start to look forward to being heard.  I have listened to them in the hall before dropping them off to special on days that I couldn’t seem to find time.  I have sat down with them at lunch to listen etc.  it is important to NOT miss a day.  
Who is up for the challenge?


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