Friday, December 7, 2012

Dozen Day is next week!

I CANNOT believe that it is December 7th!  I am way behind on shopping.  I have my family party this weekend and I don't have one thing purchased yet!  :)

I have been horribly busy and haven't even sent my Thanksgiving giveaway winners yet which was pumpkin pie!  :)  I am going to email the winners as soon as I finish this post.  :)

Next week is 12-12-12.  I made a little packet to complete with my kids and have it for sale for just $1 on TPT.  I am going to use it each year on 12-12 just because it is usually a week before our short week of school and it is something to keep them focused.  (Which we DEFINITELY need right now!)

Here is a peak at just a few of the activities:
There are many pages like this that practice different math skills.
lol... can you tell that is suppose to be a cookie sheet with sugar cookies?  :)

There is also a narrative and informational text prompt.


I also finished my math facts homework flashcards, motivational tracking and assessments. 

There are math fact homework flashcards for students to cut out and complete use at home.  You can also use the flashcards in class.

Here are two assessments that you can give students to check their ability to answer the problems.  There are some that are timed with just the facts to 10 and also problems to 20 that are not timed.

There are 4 different choices of boards to use for the fluency facts.

I also have included minute assessments to isolate all of the problems to 10.

The flashcards shown here are more homework flashcards but are not cards that need to be answered fluently.  These still go home regardless.  :)

GIVEAWAY!  The first dozen people to comment will earn the dozen day file and math fact file for free!  :)  (I'll try to complete it in a timely manner this time!)