Monday, February 18, 2013

Productive Weekend Giveaway!

Oh my goodness.  I need a 3 day weekend at least once a month!

I feel like I accomplished so much this weekend.

I finished my Phonics Dance Smart Board slides. 

When you click on the picture, it takes you to a sort, a link to a Raz-Kids book that has the chunk and an activity page.  They are sorted with like chunk sounds.  I have printed off this screen, laminated it and taped it down to my reading table.  My students use it so much more than when I had the sounds separated.  The phonics Dance also has you chanting the chunks each day.  We NEVER have time to do this.  So we just point to the picture and students chant just the sound.  We pick 1-2 each day to do the LONG chant so that they remember.  We also chant a new chunk each day after we learn it.

I finished the next unit for our Journey's Reading Word Sorts on a Smart Notebook Slide.
I added an "I Can" statement to each slide and also the CC standards.  I also have the second grade sorts so that I can differentiate instruction for my two word groups.  Students have a book where they complete the sort individually.
I finished my telling time to the hour and half hour items.

There are teaching posters, a pre-assessment, post assessment, a LOT of worksheets, I Have, Who Has, Bingo and Concentration cards.

There are 19 words and each contains a short fill in the blank story, 2 research based intervention pages and independent worksheets.
And to top it all off- I actually BLOGGED today!  :)  Bring on more weekends like this! 

I can't give away the Journey's and Phonics Dance items because of icons and other tidbits that are not my property. :(

However, I can give away the telling time items and the red word items!  :)

The first 3 people to leave a comment and their email will receive the time and red words files.  ;)

Enjoy your short week!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bathroom pass

I just love learning new management tricks!

Teachers at my new school use a bathroom clip for their students.

After having a fire drill with my math class (kids from 5 different classes). I decided that their system would be great to use.

I wrote each of my students name on a clip and put the initial of their teacher on the end.

If a student is absent- I immediately clip them to my shirt at the beginning of class.

When they go to the bathroom- I clip them to my shirt and then they put it back on the chart when they return.

This should work out so much better for drills because I will have the students clipped to my shirt that I am missing. :-).

I still use a different system for my class but I find this PERFECT for the students that I only see for an hour each day and that move in and out of my class every few weeks. :-)

I highly recommend this simple management technique. Especially during drills- you don't have time to think about who is absent etc. :-)