Friday, June 28, 2013

FREE 2013-2013 Editable Behavior calendar

I'm doing well so far!  Second time blogging this week!  :)  It is sad how truly proud of myself that I am!  :)

I have had many emails from some seriously eager teachers asking for the updated calendar.  I think that I need just a speck of their motivation right now!  :)

Click on the calendar icon to go directly to the download page.  :)

I worked on it for about 5 hours today.  I always forget how long something so simple takes to make.  Even though it is personalized to my school- the dates are correct and you can delete my school stuff and type in yours.  At the bottom it is the code for my behavior chart.  Don't forget to change that to meet your needs too!

So please go- download it- and edit it for your needs!  Why should we all waste 5 hours???  :)

Have a VERY happy Friday!  :)


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A snap shot of my life lately. :) Grab your coffee!

I turned 29 in September and for some reason was completely down.  This is the last year of my 20's and I never thought it would bother me but it sure did! 
However... my 29th year has been the best year of my life!  :) 

I left my old district behind (I still miss it so much) and started at a new district.  It has felt like a completely different career even though I didn't change grade levels.  I feel like all of my stress and anxiety has vanished.  I was blessed with awesome volunteers that did everything for me including copying, making little books, organize, grade and pretty much made my life so easy!  I was also blessed with a school district that values their staff and their time.  They gave us days off to work on items instead of forcing us to come in hours early and stay hours late.  It was not my other districts fault- they had NO money and we had to work around the clock to keep up.  I never have met a more hardworking staff because they had to be-  but it certainly is nice to see how the other half lives!  :) I'll tell you- I don't plan on going back!

I felt like since I didn't work all waking hours anymore that I actually had time for once in my adult life to RELAX!  I spent time with my hubby and friends.  Even DURING THE WEEK!  Unbelievable!  :)  I even read for pleasure and it wasn't even summer!  Usually books during the year are definitely education related (which I still find pleasurable because I'm a dork) but I read all kinds of things that I shouldn't even mention on here and loved it!  :)

My school went into the first week of June.  The second week I did some long overdue SPRING cleaning and packing.  The third week I went to Punta Cana.  It was an awesome way to kick off break!  Now that I am back I have started the TO DO list that I am famous for.  I never hear the end of the ridicule that I get because of all of my lists that I make from my husband and friends.  I tend to get a lot of notebooks for gifts.  The funny part is that they do it to tease me- but I absolutely love it and use every single page of them.  :p

Well-here is my summer to do list:
1.Surface clean the house
2.Detail clean the house
3.  I have until October to FINALLY get rid of all of my unused teacher stuff.  (look below for a tiny glimpse into this horridness)
4.  Sell teacher books on ebay
5.  Steam clean- EVERYTHING!  (I have 3 large dogs and they are so gross but adorable.)
6.  Help hubby with his multiple business'.  (He is such a busy boy)
7.  Deliver food at least once a week to hubby's customers.
8.  Set up one of the guest bedrooms for a relative that is moving in.  (Yay!  If you ever meet me in person you will learn that I LOVE people and I honestly cannot wait!)
9.  Find a new house with our impossibly long NEED and WISH lists for a house.
10.  Sell our house.
11.  Work on some math units.
12.  Organize all math items into notebooks.  (I have already started this and will post pictures in a week or so.)
13.  Organize a weekly teacher day where I work on teacher things and invite friends to join.  It definitely is more motivating on beautiful days when there are others working on stuff as well.  :)

A major occupational hazard is being a hoarder.  I should lead the troops in being president of teacher hoarders.  It is REALLY embarrassing how much stuff I have accumulated in my 7 years of teaching.  I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars buying the teacher store published worksheet or lesson books, organizers etc.  I also have spent tons of money at retiring teacher yard sales.  I bought everything under the sun because, "I MIGHT use this someday."  lol. I'm sure some of you are nodding in agreement right now.  You too may be a hoarder or love someone that may be a hoarder.  Now brace yourself for a tiny glimpse of this unorganized mess:
YIKES!  That is definitely the worst but I have 3 closets and 1 1/2 rooms full of teacher stuff.  I even had a yard sale last year and got rid of a lot and also filled up 3 new teacher cars full of picture books, organizers etc.  Some things I just couldn't part with like some of my favorite resources that are ingrained in my head and I don't need them anymore but I still have hung on to them.  I finally decided to post these resources in bundles on EBAY.  I thought about selling them on TPT but I wasn't sure how many people actually bought hard goods on there.  I am guilty of never looking on TPT for hard goods.  I always go to Amazon.  :)

So- some stuff I am going to try to sell at a yard sale this Friday and what I don't sell- I'm going to give away to some awesome friends that just got their first teaching job.

Others I have taken the bundled pictures and have started outing the items in UPS boxes or envelopes so that they will be ready to ship out whenever they sell.  I am that person that buys Christmas cards each year- write personalized messages to each person and then NEVER mails them out.  lol.  I have a mental block against mailing things or something.  So I had to make this as easy as possible.  :)

Each package has a post it note with the name of the bundle inside of it.  I have 40 of these little bundles.  I really do have A LOT. 

My husband, I, and our 3 dogs are definitely out growing our 4 bedroom house.  Between my hoarding (which hopefully will be no more by October) and my husbands ever expanding business'- we need more land and a pole barn and can't fit in our awesome neighborhood anymore.  We bought our house a week before we got married 5 years ago.  We bought it foreclosed so we got a terrific deal on it.  My husband and our family has pretty much remodeled everything but the kitchen in it.  Our house is exactly how we like it.  However getting 2 GIANT shipments a week to our driveway with tool boxes and tools is getting to be too much.  We always have boxes all over our porch, driveway and in our dining room.  My neighbors are awesome and never complain.  :)

This is the vehicle that sits outside of our house everyday and luckily it is not a delivery day so my car has room in the driveway.  :)

We desperately need to move to the country.  This way there will be no more deliveries in my parking spot and my hubby can get rid of the 2 storage places that he currently rents.  Also my neighbors will finally have a nice truckless view again! 

So I have a lot of things to accomplish this summer but I also want to stop neglecting this blog!  I love sharing what I find because there are terrific resources and ideas out there and they NEED to be shared!  However if I start neglecting it again- you will know why!  Feel free to comment and get my booty in gear if I go too long without posting!  :)

Enjoy the remainder of your week and thanks for reading!  :)