Monday, July 30, 2012

Common Core Desk Plates and Library Task Cards

As I have been looking around at different desk plates- I just cannot find exactly what I want.  I ordered the Phonics Dance desk plates but they were not exactly what I thought that they would be- so I returned them.  So- I finally made my own!

Common Core First Grade Desk plates

I also adapted some Library task cards that I made a few years ago.  At my new district, the teachers are the "librarian" for their class.  I will have my kiddos have paper or notebooks and post-it-notes.  This gives them something to do as I check out their books.
Library Task Cards

I also have this item included for kiddos that are waiting to choose their book.  They also will hopefully have access to magazines or something else as well.  :)


The first 5 people to comment with their email can either choose the desk plates or the library task cards for free!  Please let me know which one you want in your comment.  :)


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bell Work: Encouraging Conversations by Connecting Home and School

They are waxing the hallway near my classroom this week so it is back to working on the computer!  :)

Here is my new Bell Work:

I made 18 forms for students to fill out as they wait to pack up and clean up each day.  The beginning of the year I will use the form that they just draw pictures of what they did.  Throughout the year I will introduce other forms and eventually allow students the choice to choose which one they want to use.

I want my little ones to go home and talk to their parents about what is going on at school.  I also want my kiddos to know that they will need to fill out a paper each day- so they better be thinking about what they want to choose.  I'll make it entertaining by switching up the forms used and also allowing them to sometimes use markers or other fun art materials to fill it out.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Detective Danielle Common Core Reading

I finished my mini Detective Danielle unit.  :)

Here is a peak:

I'm really excited to implement it this year!  :)

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Detective Danielle Reading Unit :)

I advertised a yard sale last minute and yet to have 1 person to stop by!  So- I have been busying myself with creating some new common core things.  :)

I am so- excited about my Detective Danielle reading week long unit that I had to share what I've been working on.

I started planning for this in a notebook yesterday while "watching" my husband at the track.  I'm making it happen today!  :)

I wanted to make something fun to practice the common core reading standards.  This definitely does that!  It practices retelling, determining important details, distinguishing between information gained from the story or information gained from the illustrations, compare/ contrast and more!  :)

I'm still working on the interview and a few other tidbits to make sure that it runs smoothly!  :)

I'll let you know when I finish!  I'm also working on a Grandparents Day/ Special Person Day full of writing, social studies and everything you need to make the day happen!  Also- still working on finishing common core assessments.  :)

I hope that you enjoy this BEAUTIFUL day!  :)


Friday, July 20, 2012

FREE 2012-2013 Behavior Calendar Template

Hi Blogging Friends!

I'm still workin' away at getting items all set and ready for school.

I have had a Hollywood/movie theme in my classroom for a few years now.  Each year I add something more to it.  This year I thought that I'd make my clip chart themed to go with the rest of my room.  I was going to make one but thought that I'd search TPT first.

I LOVE TPT....I found THE CUTEST clip chart on TPT!  The headings are adorable- Oscar Winning Performance, Walk of Fame, Bravo Behavior, Red Carpet Ready, Take 1, Take 2, Cut!  :)

The best thing about it is that it is FREE on TPT.

I thought that I'd pay it forward and I made a 2012-2013 behavior calendar (it has those same headings at the bottom.)  I also posted it for FREE on TPT.  The best part about it is that I uploaded the word version so you can edit to your little hearts content!  :)  So- You can change wording- delete things etc. 

Enjoy your Friday!  I hope it is sunny near you- it is quite gloomy here.  :(

P.S.  I've started brewin' up a GIANT giveaway for August!  I even have some wonderful items to giveaway from some very talented bloggers/ teachers!  STAY TUNED!  :)


Thursday, July 19, 2012

ALMOST finished with common core assessments!!!!

I cannot tell you how much I want to be finished with creating common core assessments!  I usually like this kind of thing (I know I'm a little sick!) but I just want to be finished with it and start in on the fun!  The problem is that I am SO close- so I just have to keep chugging along!  :)

I finished the remainder of the common core reading today.  (YES!!!!)  I hope throughout the year to go in and add more items like parents newsletters etc.  As for now- I just wanted to call it quits and move on!

Here is a peak at the lovely little item:

This is part of the generic nonfiction assessment.  I wanted to  be able to use books from my district's reading series to assess students.  The assessments are assessing fluency, have room for a running record and then they have checklists with most of the phonics and phonological awareness first grade standards (most- because I created separate assessments for those.)  They also have checklists for retelling and finally questions to ask the kiddos after they read the book that go along with common core standards.  I also have a fiction assessment and a simple rubric for oral reading of prose and poetry.

This is a simple grade sheet to help you determine an overall grade for certain areas. 

Since I finished this baby today and am ALMOST finished with my Common Core Comprehension Reading Response Activities.... I decided to TREAT myself with finishing a FUN activity that I have been putting off.  :)

Here is my Fishing Frenzy unit:  :-D

This uses goldfish crackers (so much incentive for the little ones!) to complete 2 math pages.  Then they get to write a story about, "The Adventures of Mr. Fishy."

There is another math activity but there are paper fish to help measure if they already consumed their crackers!  There is also a super fun sight word fishing game that is only practing irregularly spelled (cough-common core) and some of what I call "yellow" words which are words with rules or chunks.
You can find more information on how I color code sight words here.

Finally there is a little yummy reading activity:  How to make Dirt Pudding!  :)

Two new items today- so- the first 2 friends to comment will receive one of these for free!  Just leave your email and tell me which item you want!  :)


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beginning of the School Year

It is that time again that I start opening up my "beginning of the year" files!  I cannot believe that this is starting so soon!

I always make sure that I have a good supply of these forms ready to go:
-Needed Supplies
-Missing Homework
-Get Well Soon
-Behavior forms
-Character education forms
-Passed sight words and math facts

These are open house items:
-How to put away supplies

-Welcome parent gift
     *I have 3 Riesen candies and a small pack of Extra gum bundled in tissue paper and tied with ribbon.
     -The card states, "Here are a few "riesen's" why I want to make this an "EXTRA" special year."  (If I state reasons on the card.) 
       "I hope that your child will find many "riesen's" to enjoy this EXTRA special year!"
-Welcome parent folder
     *Video and Photo Permission
     *Welcome letter with rules and procedures
     *Tell me about your child form
-Welcome student gift
     *Homework supply kit
-Dismissal (first day and regular)- HEAD OVER TO TPT- it is FREE!!!  This saves so many headaches from transportation issues during the first week!  :)

Beginning of the year:
-Getting to know you bracelet

Random items to have for the first 2 weeks:  (You never know how long it will take you to teach procedures!)
-Sticker stories:  The kids love them and it gets them motivated to write!
-Writing temples ( I just LOVE this FREE website!)

Managment Items:

Other fun tidbits:
As I was looking on TPT the other day- am AMAZING FREE item popped up!  It is a math resource page that uses touch points with the numbers,  a 100 chart, shapes etc.  I copied these, laminated them and am going to put them in my math bins this year.  I can't wait to use them!  :)

I use the phonics dance and thought that this year I would order the colored alphabet chart because I really didn't feel like coloring and then laminating 26 cards.  I found name tags that have all of the phonics dance chunks on them!  I am REALLY excited and ordered them right away even though they are a bit pricey.  We will see if these little treasures are worth the money! 

I have nothing to do tomorrow so I hope to get into my classroom and start working away and finish all of my EDM pre-assessments from the first teacher book as well as work on some of my common core comprehension!  :)  Have a great evening (or day for most of you by the time you read this!)  :)


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Everyday Math

In my new district they use Everyday Math.  A sweet new teammates of mine allowed me to borrow her teacher books until I get mine. 

In my other district, I wrote my own curriculum so this is a big change for me!  :)

I was planning on making smartboard slides for each lesson so I wouldn't have to hug my teacher book each lesson.  Before I started the lengthy process, I thought that I'd first look on teacherspayteachers.  Lo' and behold, someone has already created them!  I'm adding my guided math rotation charts and a few other items but for the most part- they are finished!  :)

You can find each unit in this store.

I have plans for my new bulletin boards and didn't want to take up space, so I made an EDM meeting.

I also am making pre-assessments for units 2+ so that I can form guided math groups but use the enrichment and readiness lessons based on the results of the assessment.  I have units 2 and 3 completed so far.  :)

From what I have noticed so far, EDM is great for enrichment but definitely needs more facts and problem solving.  So I am incorporating these items into my weekly lessons.

The first three friends to comment with their email will receive one of these for free!  Please also leave the name of the item that you want for free.  :)

Enjoy the remainder of your week!  :)  I'm off to learn all of my new curriculum!  :)


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Long time no blog! :)

Hi Blogging friends!

I thought that I'd catch you up with the reasoning for my absence...

I have been packing up all of this...
Believe it or not- but I had already been working for 1-2 weeks packing things up BEFORE I took this photo!

And I have been taking things home, re-organizing and bringing only about 1/2 of my stuff to here...
There is not a single thing in this room.  Just the way I like it! 

You probably used your deducting skills to figure out that I got a new job!  It is VERY bittersweet.  I LOVED my old district, the staff (my family), parents, kids etc. but I disliked the LONG drive!  My new district is 30-35 minutes closer!  Not only that- but I have met MANY of my new colleagues and they are AMAZING!  :)  I'm sad but super excited for this new opportunity.

It sure is tough dropping everything that you know and go to feel like a first year teacher again!  I will still be teaching first grade but almost all of the curriculum is new to me and they are a MAC school!  I have NEVER used a MAC a day in my life but have always heard great things about them, and I am eager to learn.  I ran across this website that has been very useful:  This site is AMAZING!  It has cheat sheets for everything and a table comparing functions on PCs and MACS.

I have been going through my 6 years of teacher stuff and sorting it by trash, sell, store or bring.  It is quite embarrassing how much I have accumulated and spent on teaching stuff in just 6 years!  If you are in the central Ohio area, I'm having a teacher yard sale next weekend... so come and get all kinds of goodies!

I'm not allowed to bring my plastic Sterilite organizers that I used for EVERYTHING in my old classroom so I had to come up with something new.  I enlisted my wonderful friend Kristin to help me.  This is what we came up with...

I have since separated these babies more into different cabinets.  1.  Art/ kid supplies 2.  Teacher Items.

These boxes were purchased at the dollar store and was I ever impressed with the quality!  The lids actually snap on!  I swear lately I have been disappointed with the dollar store boxes for the past few years... but these were an amazing buy!  (I don't know why I expect so much when they are ONLY $1)  :)

I also went through my classroom store tub, recess toys and separated items into these tubs as well.  If you have a dollar store near you- head on out and get the tubs with the red lids!  The white lids are okay- but the red lids hold on much better.  :)

I also have been working slowly on my common core to do list.  I have finished these since my latest blogging post:

This is a pass chart that I am going to use next year.  Each of my kiddos will have a clothes pin with their name on it and they will move it when they leave them room.  I am going to hang this by the door so that I can grab it when we have a fire drill.  Yeah, I realize this isn't common core related.  :)

.  There are 4 of each assessment plus recording sheets and skill cards.  I will probably end up writing newsletters to go with each just like I wrote for math.  I just wanted to at least get out my assessments first so I can start writing more lessons and activities.  I always start with assessments and then move to the fun stuff!  :)

Once I get to a point that I feel "ready" for summer.  I only need about 3-5 hours to sit down to finish these two items.

This only really needs about 30 minutes to go!  It is a fun set of worksheets using goldfish crackers that covers many common core standards.  Some people who purchased my similar Marshmallow Madness product said that they have copied all of the activities and left bags of marshmallows for a substitute to complete with the students. 

This is my common core writing item that has about 4-5 hours of work to go!  I have writing rubrics for each of the common core writing genres.  I have practice papers for the genres, picture book/ model; text recommendations, posters etc.  I have been working on this slowly for a few months.  I hope to finish BEFORE August!  :)   

With tradition, as I post new items to TPT I also give them away to some lovely little readers of my blog.  :)  The first 5 people to comment with their email will receive the pass chart and phonological awareness and phonics assessments for FREE!  :)

Have a wonderful weekend!  I hope to "stop by soon" and maybe update you with  more organizational tidbits that I'm finding or to tell you that I finally finished some of my works in progress!