Friday, September 30, 2011

Animal Unit

I am working on an animal unit.  I have found a lot of terrific resources out there but a lot of them are too easy or too difficult. 

Here are a few of the pages:

I also am finishing my working on words activities using animal names, digging out my old science vocabulary cards, activities to complete with the book, What Do You Do With a Tail Like This? templates for a fiction and non-fiction animal stories and a little more.  Hopefully I can finish so I can start my shape unit before Monday!

Have a terrific Friday evening!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Classroom Store

Tomorrow is our first classroom store!  My students are VERY excited!

I use the clip chart system.  My students earn a weekly pay check for their behavior.  They earn 1 cent for green, 3 for white, 5 for orange, 10 for purple and 25 for top of the chart.  They also have pay deducted if they are on yellow (3 cents), blue (5 cents) and red (10 cents). 

At the end of the month, if they were on green or above, they earn their bonus check of 10 cents. 

I hope to someday make cutesy signs but here is the store!
I have a mother who comes in once a month and runs the store for me.  She assists my students with counting and paying for their items.  The types of coins that the students use to shop is differentiated based on their counting money abilities.

While they are shopping, they also working on writing words by filling out their receipt to take home.

I'm off to grade a massive amount of papers, finish up my newsletter and complete my weekly effort sheets.  Have a terrific Friday!

-Danielle :)


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Boy Who Cried, "Bathroom!"

This year we have been having some trouble pretending that we have to go to the bathroom REALLY bad and then end up playing around in the bathroom. 

I told my kids the story about the boy who called wolf. 

I tried to find it at my wonderful local teacher store but it wasn't in stock. 

I found this cute book instead:

After reading this today my students decided that it would be a good idea to write a story called, "The Boy Who Cried Bathroom!"

We started the pre-writing today but were stuck on the ending.  I told them that we would finish the ending tomorrow.  I will post our book when it is complete!  ;) 

Have a terrific evening!


Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm having a sale!

I am throwing a 20% off sale on everything in my TPT store through Friday this week.

I'll show you a few pages from my Common Core Standards I Can Notebook and my Fall Quarter Math Centers.  (Which can actually be used at any point in the year depending on your expectations for students.)

These are the first 2 pages in a book that I send home with each student every other week.

These are 2 pages of common core standards.  When first grade students master the skill, they add a sticker to their notebook.  It could also be used for you to record what you have taught.

These are whole class graphs using the common core standards.

I have a set of recommended materials, center ideas and ideas of whole group games for each skill.

This contains the exit slip that I give the students after my Monday whole group lesson to determine small groups for Tuesday- Thursday.  I also have some of the numbers for the math with someone rotation.
This is an example of the work on numbers pages.  They are simple but the students need to practice.  The directions are on the weekly lesson plans.
This whole unit only focus' on the doubles facts.  One set of flashcards is given. 

A few pages from my doubles unit are included for practice.

An example of Math on My Own is included for each skill.  I personally use my Saxon Math worksheets for my Math on My Own rotation for most days.

Sorry that I am not posting more tonight!  I am beat!  If I take a nap and feel a second wind, I will post more!  :)



Sunday, September 25, 2011

Doubles Plus 1 Facts

Do you have a day during the week that you work until you cannot bare to hold your eyes open any longer?  My day is on Thursdays!  I am completing an effort sheet for each student, finishing up grading and writing my weekly newsletter.  I am figuring out that I am good about blogging Sunday-Wednesday but I need a break at least on Thursday- Friday!  ;)

I made a few updates to my doubles fact unit on TPT.  I added a few problem solving strategy posters and also made a few of the worksheets more differentiated.

Here are the changes:

I also posted my doubles plus 1 unit!  If you go here, you can view the entire unit in preview mode.

Here are a few sample pages:

I also decided to throw a 20% off sale on all of my items at TPT Monday- Friday this week!  Feel free to stop on by my store and see if you can use any of the items.  Just wait until Monday to buy so you can get a discount!  :)

Have a great time relaxing and enjoy the few short hours of your weekend! :)



Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Guided Math Rotations

I thought that the other guided math post was too long so I waited to post this.  I have had many emails asking me about my math rotations so I am going to post it here.

Here is an example of an exit slip that I give my students after my Monday whole group lesson and the planning page I use to determine what I work on for each group.

Here are my rotation charts:
This is backed in orange paper.,  I call it my orange math group.  When I say "first rotation" they come and sit on the carpet ready for instruction!

This is backed in pink paper and is my pink math group.  During first rotations they work on work on numbers and when they finish they go and work on math goals over and over until it is time to rotate.

This is backed in green paper. and is my green group.  During first rotation they go grab their differentiated math on my own worksheet or just a simple skill review worksheet or even a Saxon math worksheet.  When they finish, they work on math facts over and over until it is time to rotate.

Example Rotations

Math on My own-  You can use a simple review sheet like this, a sheet from your math series etc.  This also can be differentiated easily by the group that your students are divided into for the week.

Work on Numbers-  You can give the students number sheets to complete etc.  I actually usually use a skill for the week like "counting forward."  Then I have a small pocket chart that holds a green, pink and orange index card.  I write different counting forward skills that are differentiated.  Example:  Orange count and write 1-20, pink 50-70, green 105-145.  I Then have weekly jobs to practice these skills into a small spiral notebook.  Monday- write the numbers once using your hundred chart, Tuesday write the numbers in an AB pattern etc.

Math Facts-  Students can practice using this or a fact sheet but always have math facts available so that if the sheets are finished they can practice the facts using a dry erase board and objects etc.

Math Goals:
These are determined by skills that individual students have trouble mastering.  Until I have time and am organized enough to determine individual goals, I have the students all work on a review item.  Last week I had my students roll a shape die and they had to draw the shape on a dry erase board each time that it landed.  It was simple but kept them engaged.

Off to bed! 



Doubles Facts

Happy Hump Day!  :)

I finished my doubles facts unit and posted it on TPT last night. 

I never had anything to work on doubles facts other than the Saxon math Doubles Rap, flashcards and fact sheets.  I created this to allow MANY different opportunities to practice the doubles facts.

This describes how the different activities meet different learning styles.  A few activities do not have worksheets because they are not needed just like using pipe cleaners.

I created 10 story problems using only the doubles facts.

This is a doubles cut and paste activity.  I was inspired by making words activities!

My students choose a fact that is difficult for them to remember.  They write it in the box and then write it in each color.  I was inspired to make it just like how we use word work color write!

What do you know I was inspired by my make 3 times and write sight word practice sheets!?!  The students can make the numbers on dry erase boards, color write them, pipe cleaners, using sign language numbers etc. and then write the fact again.

There are many more independent activities for the students to complete.  This just highlights a few!

You can download it here from TPT!

I have to tell you, after I posted this late last night, I tried searching for "doubles facts" and ran into an AMAZING product.  (Other than mine of course!  lol  :))

Shelley Gray has posted many mental math units including a doubles facts unit.  She includes terrific posters and even her worksheets are a lesson in it's own.  I strongly recommend downloading her mental math units.  They are terrific for teaching.  My unit is mostly just for independent practice while hers can be used for teaching.  Stop on by TPT and check them out!  :)

Have a great night!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Setting Up Guided Math

Happy Tuesday!

I had an email from a very sweet teacher asking about how to start guided math.  I thought that I would post about it for all to see!  :)

This is a SMALL part of what resembles a novel that I wrote for a teacher in my district.  :)  I honestly have a hanging file that is busting open organized into files folders regarding each topic. 

How to Start Guided Math
You could go out and buy items from Lakeshore, make all new items etc.  But who has the money or the time?
1.   I started by going through ALL of my math workbooks, hands- on math items, games etc.
a.  I made post it notes labeled with the different math skill topics that we cover.  I designated a desk or desks for each topic so that I could lay everything all out!
b.  I started by going through my worksheets and workbooks.
                                        i.    Even if I had to make a copy of the pages, I separated each worksheet that I had by topic/ skill.
c.  I went through my games that I already had and separated them by topic/ skill.
2.   Next, I bagged up each of the topic/ skill items separately in a large bag.  (This next part I did by taking home one skill/ topic home at a time so that I wasn’t overwhelmed.  You could skip bagging them up if you did this step at the same time as step 1.)
a.  One skill at a time, I’d take it home and then sort it out if it was a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th quarter or enrichment worksheet or game.
b.  Then, I took just the 1st items and sorted it by if I would want to use it for homework, an item to use in a small group or a math goal item.
c.  I repeated step 2b for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters and also for enrichment items.

3.   I repeated all of step 2 for the remainder of the skills.
4.   Through sorting all of the items, I determined that I had some areas that I lacked good materials.
a.  I asked my grade level teachers to borrow their math materials so that I could fill in my gaps.  J
b.  I also researched online to find other material.
                                        i.    I re-sorted all of these items using all of the step 1-2 directions.
5.    Now everything should be organized!  J
6.   I made the rotation charts and designated a place in the room for all of the math items to be located.
7.   I started teaching the rotations in a whole group.  (Much like you would teach reading stations whole group at the beginning of the year.)  I always referred to the charts and discussed them as we did the rotations whole group.
8.   I gave the students a pre-assessment and analyzed the results.
9.   I determined a skill that I wanted to teach for the week.  I wrote the names of the students on three post-it notes.  (High, middle, low)
10.               On the first day of putting the skills all together, my skill group was just to take the time with each individual group and explain the rotation charts in detail.
11.                At the beginning of the year, until I can form individual goals for the students, I just gave the students a never ending job for all students to work on.  (Going on a shape hunt etc.)

Goals are determined by skills that students did not do well on even after a week of instruction.  Each Friday I give a post assessment just on the weekly skill.  If most of the students do not understand, I will re-teach next week.  If most of the students understand and just a few students do not, then the skill will become the goal for the students that do not understand.  Goals are differentiated based on students needs.  Some students need many goals so I try to group them with as many alike goals as possible so that it is easier to keep track and make sure materials are prepared.

Friday is my assessment day.  The students are given fact assessments as well as the weekly skill post assessment.  The students also have math art and math game rotations.  As they are working on rotations, I am helping students fill in their goal paper or assessing goals.
Items in the goal tubs are self checking items.  I use worksheets in page protectors with answers on the back, I use Lakeshore self checking puzzles, I use other store bought items that the students can use individually.

I am attaching my old goal sheets (the new goal sheets are much more fancy and at school.)

I will also be attaching my rotation charts.  These hang right below my calendar.  I stick a post-it-note right above them each week depending on who is in the group for the week. 

Have a great Wednesday!



Monday, September 19, 2011

Sight Word Assessing

After 6 years of trying and trying- I think that I finally found a way to assess sight words and I like it!

A wonderful teammate of mine found these from Lakeshore and we ordered them this year: (Sorry for the HORRIBLE photos!)
I keep the district sight word list in a folder for each student.  I call back the students one at a time and have them read from a blank list as I record how they do on their list out of their folder.

You can see that I date if they pass to the right of the sight word list.  Another teammate of mine made this easy to use list.  :)  The blue form is a simple form that I made to inform the parents which sight word lists their child is currently working on.  The parents have an identical list at home.  If they pass, the blue form goes home.

If the student passes, I just turn around and grab the white sight word list out of their current level bag.  I hand the list to the student and they glue it into their cheap 20 cent Meijer spiral notebook.  They use this list to work on during Word Work.

I assess each student once a week and I feel that my setup and having everything right there on hand is FINALLY making it as manageable as possible!  ;)

Have a great night!  I'm off to work on my math fact mastery item that I should post on TPT by this weekend!  :)



Sunday, September 18, 2011

Common Core Standards I Can Notebook

One more today!  :)  I am catching up because I was way too tired to post Wednesday- Saturday!

I have started using I Can Notebooks to communicate if students have mastered any standards based skills.  These have been working very well this year. Not only do my parents understand them, but it doesn't take me too long to update!  As an added bonus, the students also get really excited to earn a sticker.  :)  If only I would become just as excited to earn a sticker!

I write a small date in the rectangle box when I assess a student but they do not pass the skill.  A sticker is placed to the right of the skill and the date written to the right of that when the skill is mastered.

I created downloaded Deanna Jump's Common Core Standard posters to use next year.  I have been sick at home for the first two weeks of school (it was the worst feeling NOT being there!) so I had enough time to create an I Can Notebook using the Common Core Standards for next year.

I also made class graphs for each section (forgive my common core language- I haven't studied the new terminology yet!) so that you can shade in a box when a student masters the skill.

You can find the entire document at my TPT store!  Stop on by to check out the preview if you would like to see more!  :)



Weekly Individual Behavior Goals

This year I have decided to try out a new and more involved behavior contract.  I have some students that I just can't seem to figure out what motivates them.  I am hoping that by involving them more into their behavior expectation at the beginning of the week will allow them to start making better choices.

These are the first two pages where they write their goal, action plan and rewards:
The next two pages have the twice daily recording charts and  one of the daily letter templates.

The next two pages are two more letter templates:

The last two pages include an end of the week reflection page and a letter to the teacher:

You can download this at my TPT store! :)  Have a great Monday!



Constitution Day

I am celebrating Constitution Day on Monday.  I downloaded One Extra Degree's We the People pack from TPT.  This is a terrific resource and has great background information as well as some definition posters.

I will be reading the book, We the Kids by David Catrow.
We also will be listening to the preamble on the Weesing America CD.  This also has great tracks with many USA favorites and the Star Spangled Banner!  The students love it because children are singing the songs.

We will be using these scrolls to make a hallway display.  I will write, "We the Kids in Mrs. LaSota's class promise to ..."  Then each of the students will finish the sentence and write their name,

This should be an easy way to introduce the little learners to Constitution Day!
Since we are already learning about the United States, we will also be completing out U.S. Symbols unit later this week as well.  I use a little book, art project, pictures online and a powerpoint that I created a few years ago to teach about the symbols.

Here are some links to the items that I use:

You can download this entire book for only $1 now!  :)

These are books that I am going to save up to buy next year: