Wednesday, April 24, 2013

FREE Good Luck Testing Posters

The OAA's are coming!

This is the time of year when you start to notice the stress/ anxiety of the teachers and students!

My first grade students have third grade reading buddies that we meet with once a week.  We are going to make these for them:

My students will choose one of these and then write a letter to their buddy on the back. 

Get your FREE copy here.  :)

Have a terrific Thursday!  Sorry for the short post!  :)


Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Sorry I have been desperately trying to finish grade cards and ordering!!!

The Grand Prize winner is Rachel!!!!!

YAY!  I will contact you soon with your TPT gift certificate and find out which 3 items that you would like!  :)

The 2nd plave winners are:

These lovely ladies may choose any three items from my TPT that they want!  In Yvonne's case- she can choose any 6 that she wants!  ;)

I will hopefully update this again later and make it more pretty- but I wanted to post the winners before I run out the door to work!  :)

Congrats!  Also THANK YOU to all of you that participated!!!!  I am a VERY lucky lady to have such nice and sweet followers that will read my ramblings from time to time.  :)
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Monday, April 1, 2013

More of my favorite things and giveaway reminder

Here is the reminder... for real $50 to TPT.  :)  Click the icon below to enter if you haven't!


My students LOVE science and this is a real inquiry based unit that I made this year.  If you ever buy my TPT products you will notice how I try to included ABSOLUTELY everything that you need.  This has a book written by yours truely, scientific logging notebooks, scientific process posters, and experiement lesson plans.  Many fun science items that I find are not inquiry based but this one is. 
This next item is my newest purchase and I LOVE it from the very talented Michelle Oakes!  It is full of fun map and pirate activities.  A perfect supplement are the adorably cute "ar" activities from The Teacher Wife.  I love trying to cover things by a theme because my kiddos get super excited and remember more!

This is a recyling unit the I made.  It is simple but my kids love it.  My favotie part is listening to them as they work in groups and try to discover as many ways as they can to reuse certain items.  Boy do they get creative!  :)
Hopefully the past few days have given you some ideas of what free items to pick from me if you win my giveaway and what to spend your $50 TPT bucks on!  :)


More favorite things and giveaway reminder!

I thought that I'd post more of my favorite things since I received a few emails asking me more about them.  :) 

But first a reminder...
First is a super talented teacher Jodi Southard.  She has made the best addition practice packet.  She has made up her own rhymes (not just retyping rhymes that have been around for a long time) for the math facts.  She has has fun practice sheets to go with each type of math fact.  I have been using her fun rhymes and some of her practice sheets all year to supplement my addition stuff.  I wish I was as talented as her!  My brain does not wrap around rhymes but wraps around tables/ charts and data!  :)  This is a MUST buy!
This is my cut dry version of math fact practice.  I have flashcards, motivational tracking charts and assessments.  I use this weekly.  My students earn flashcards and keep them in a baggie that I have stapled into their math folder.  After they finish their independent jobs for the day- they always end with practicing their flashcards which are right in their folder. 
This next one is by far the best fraction item that I have ever found.  This is by Busy Me Plus Three.  I am a huge fan of fun cut and paste instructional books.  This item has just that.  There is a sheet that the students have that they cut from and the other pages of the book are stapled together.  It makes for an interactive lesson.   You read the page and then tell them to find the items and cut and paste them out inot the booklet.   There are also a lot of fun games but the booklet is by far my favorite! 
That is it for today!  Don't forget to go enter my giveaway!  :)
As I have been going to TPT to find screen shots for this post- I put 3 new items in my cart.  I am totally obsessed!  :)


Some of my favorite things and giveaway reminder!

Reminder that you could win a $50 TPT gift certificate and 3 free items from me!  Click the icon below to enter!  :)

It is sad sad each year while preparing my taxes I start to print out all of my TPT receipts.  I always am shocked at the amount of money that I spend! :)  I am almost always very happy with my purchases and they save me so much time but seeing that final number is always a little shock to my system!

Since nothing beats word of mouth and I'm one of those Amazon shoppers that spends an hour reading reviews before I buy something- I thought that I'd give you some of my reviews of items.  These are some of my favorite things that I have either made or purchased recently:

That lovely Lory Evans has made fantastic daily math review sheets for the entire year.  These appear to be just for first grade skills.  I purchased another version that had some 1-2 skills mixed- which was awesome but I was aiming for just first grade skills.  I started by using term 3 this year.  I peaked at the term 1 skills and might hold off on using it from the beginning of the year because I totally don't cover that much material that fast.  I think that I will use the term 1 for my "advanced" kiddos.  I totally recommend purchasing these! 

Another is one of my kiddos favorites is the Super  e set by The Teacher Wife.  It has a cute super e story and a ton of fun worksheets to practice silent e.  I had left it for a substitute to complete with my students but she didn't have time to complete it.  My students saw it on my desk and were begging me the next day to check it out.  Who am I say no to children begging to learn????  :)  We read the story and completed the worksheets.  My kiddos LOVED it!  My kiddos would HIGHLY recommend buying this!

This last item is one of mine.  It took me many months to complete it.  In it you will find almost everything that you need to teach common core first grade writing.  It has teaching posters, writing notebook resources, rubrics, blank writing forms, publishing pages, topic starters etc for each of the 3 writing types.  If you click on the icon- it will take you to TPT where you can preview it.
All of my items are on sale until tomorrow!  :)

(COUGH-COUGH  remember that you could win a $50 TPT gift certificate by entering my 100 follower giveaway!)

Have a fantastic day!