Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bathroom pass

I just love learning new management tricks!

Teachers at my new school use a bathroom clip for their students.

After having a fire drill with my math class (kids from 5 different classes). I decided that their system would be great to use.

I wrote each of my students name on a clip and put the initial of their teacher on the end.

If a student is absent- I immediately clip them to my shirt at the beginning of class.

When they go to the bathroom- I clip them to my shirt and then they put it back on the chart when they return.

This should work out so much better for drills because I will have the students clipped to my shirt that I am missing. :-).

I still use a different system for my class but I find this PERFECT for the students that I only see for an hour each day and that move in and out of my class every few weeks. :-)

I highly recommend this simple management technique. Especially during drills- you don't have time to think about who is absent etc. :-)


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