Monday, March 31, 2014

Please please please take a minute to help my wonderful friends!!!

One of my dearest friends Stefanie and her husband Ryan are trying to adopt.  I cannot wait for the day when they finally get their own little buddle of joy.  That child will be one of the luckiest kids.  

I work with Stefanie and within a month of meeting her-  we instantly became great friends.  That is just who Stefanie and Ryan are-  very social and easy to love people.  Not only do they instantly become friends with everyone that they meet-  but they also have such a loving relationship as a couple.  They are the couple that you just want to "hate" with envy but you can't because they are just genuinely loving and hilarious people.  

So I ask this of you-  please take the 1 minute to like or better yet share their adoption Facebook page with others.  Not only will it fullfill your "good deed of the day". But you will help in connecting these amazing people with their future son or daughter.  

Thank you so much!!!!!

Hugs for your help,


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