Sunday, April 27, 2014

New money unit! Pin it/ tweet it to win it!

I feel fairly comfortable with my students' math skills.  A few are still working on skills but the majority have mastered all first grade math.

We have been spending a lot of our time on PBL projects but now we need to start working on second grade skills!

I taught money for 7 years in first grade and know how difficult that it was for the kiddos to grasp.  So I thought-  well that will be the skill that we will work on for the last few weeks of school.

I already had some money items but decided to make actual lesson plans.

Since I'm posting from my phone I can't add pictures-  so for a sneak peak click on this website and check out the preview.  :-)

If you like it- or are interested-  pin it/ tweet about it- to win it!

If you do-  just leave your information in the comments below!  

Side note-  I am kinda obsessed with Twitter!  I finally found something that I can keep up with!  @lasotadanielle   :-)  if you haven't-  jump on the bandwagon late like I did!  I seriously cannot stop!  :-)

Have a great week!  



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