Thursday, July 31, 2014

Differentiated math centers- numbers

I have always tried to differentiate math centers and have students make goals.

In my district we were given the opportunity to observe teachers.  Of course I jumped on that opportunity!  I learned so much and stole many ideas.

One of the ideas comes from one of the most nurturing and sweet people that I have ever met.  If I had a child going into kindergarten-  I would beg for them to have her as their teacher.  

She has purchased dollar store tubs (I purchased Big Lots since they are more sturdy) to organize her centers.  Each tub only holds 1 center.  The child brings the entire tub back to his/ her spot.  This way things stay more tidy and way less little pieces come up missing.  :-)

I've decided to completely revamp my centers/ make new and organize it just like her!

Here is my first installment of centers:
Red= beginning level
Yellow= on level
Green= above level

These tubs are being created for each skill that we teach.  I'm almost finished with place value and measurent as well.  

Each of these is self checking

There are 3 different puzzles in here.

I really wanted a very beginning skill other than numbering a clock.  

A student clock will also be added.  

I also have one place value center finished:

I still have the more "hands on" centers but wanted to make sure that I had self checking examples for math goals as well.

I will be posting these in quarterly bundles on TPT.  
Q1- time, numbers, place value, measurement
Q2- graphing, addition, addition word problems
Q3- subtraction, subtraction word problems, fractions, shapes

Good luck for those of you setting up your rooms!  My hubby volunteered to come in and do the hanging/ putting together of things on Monday!  I'm delighted!  I hope to be finished Monday evening so I can have 6 days off before we start!  

Enjoy your week!  


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