Monday, September 15, 2014

I love whole brain teaching!

Whole brain teaching completely changed how I was as a teacher 8 years ago.  I have started slow and have been gradually been adding more and more techniques to my bag of tricks.

If you read my posts-  you probably can tell that I am NOT a program teacher.  I use data and many different resources depending on what my kiddos need.

I however use whole brain teaching probably 95% of it just like it was written. It has worked with so many different classes.  It truely is amazing!  

We had a professional development day today where staff members were presenting on different topics.  My principal asked me to present and I chose WBT.  I tried to make it a "drop in" session and made QR codes with video links but what do you know- the wifi wasn't working well where I was!  So I quickly finished a presentation and thought that I'd share it with you!  (Since I am sending it to my staff.)

*sorry for the phone screen shots!*

I also have made new WBT posters including items needed for the Super Improver Board and posted them on TPT.    You can get a copy here: 

If you haven't looked into WBT-  I highly recommend taking the time to check it out.  :-). It is like a life changing "movement" just like Teach Like a Pirate!

Have a great week!  :-)


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