Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Large Math Class: Math Centers

This is the part 2 post of my new math block.  Due mostly to a large class- I have changed my math block up a bit.  If you want to read about the management of a large class for math centers:  read this.

My students are in need of a spiral review so they now have a Weekly Math Work paper:
The Daily Must-Do consists of their differentiated Math on My Own papers and also Number of the Day work.  Just Number of the Day covers 4 different skills that we need to review in first grade.

Students are expected during their Weekly Work/ Math Workshop rotation to finish the Math on My Own worksheet and Number of the day each day.  When they finish they are to get the Weekly Work items completed. 

Here is what their rotation charts look like:

Here is a preview of the two weekly centers:
I had my students color their class number.  They are REALLY proud of their "artwork" and cannot wait for others to check it out.  :)
This center is all about writing a word problem.  A different "answer" is chosen each week.  The students have to write the "problem" on a post-it note and stick it on their class number.  Not only are their practicing their writing skills, but also their problem solving skills. 
This sign was used when we first started.
Who Am I?
This weekly center practices math facts and graphing skills.  All of the students filled out a paper in advance.  I pick one weekly to be the "mystery person."  Students have to solve the math facts to find clues about the mystery person.  When they have their clues- they have to graph in their guess of who it is from one of the five students written on the graph.  On Fridays we ask graphing questions like, "How many more people..."
I am a HUGE HGTV fan.  Lately they have been playing marathons of Love it or List it.  If you have ever watched it- you know that they are SUPER dramatic at the end about if they are going to love their current house or list it.  I do the same thing on Friday.  "Will the mystery person please reveal themselves?"  It is hilarious to see their reactions when you feed a bit into first grade drama.  :)
If you want to snag a copy of this simple weekly center- you can click here to visit my TPT store.
Not bad- 2 posts in 2 days!  :)
Enjoy your day!  :)



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