Monday, March 19, 2012

A new for me and a transition tidbit

I have definitely gone out in public in my work clothes or even workout clothes (after being disgusting after an hour of Zumba). Today I shared a new trend with half of my town- I like to call it mullet wear.

My work pants were soaked at the bottom today so when I got home I threw on some workout pants but left my dressy top on. My husband asked me to take him to his storage unit so I slipped on my dress shoes and thought that no one would ever see me. I'm going to Cancun in a week so thought I'd stop by to tan. It ends up half of the people that I know decided to do the same thing! I was so embarrassed! I had a frilly top, workout pants and 3 inch shiny high heels on! Lol! Business on top- party on the bottom! I don't know what I was thinking going out like that! One of my brothers rocked a mullet most of his childhood. I need to share this trend with him. I think I'll put away my outfit until I have kids and it will
Reemerge during their teen years when I pick them up at school. That is why you have kids right? Torment them!!! :-)

On a less embarrassing note-

Today I was reminded of a transition trick that I learned last year. It is bound to have came from proteacher or the cafe newsletter...

Before a transition say, "3" and the students stand up.

Hold up 2 fingers and they are to think about what they need to do next.

Hold up 1 finger and they should go follow your direction.

I pulled this trick out of my bag of tricks today and it worked well! I have dismissed in many ways but I really like this especially when there are a lot of steps involved. Today we were rotating tables every few minutes during a recycling activity and using this technique allowed them to stay calm and focused!!

What kinds of transition tricks do you use?



  1. That's a pretty funny image. Still laughing here.

    Grade ONEderful

  2. Funny story! I love that 3, 2, 1 trick:)