Friday, March 23, 2012

Vacation, a Glimpse into one of my obsessions and a FREEBIE!

I am leaving tomorrow for Cancun!  We didn't think it through going during spring break however convenient for me is also convenient for thousands of crazy college students!  AHHH!  Here is to hoping that we are "cool" old people and we don't get mocked by the 19-22 year old kids!  :)

I have many obsessions and one of them is 31 bags.  They are fabulous because they are sturdy and they are able to be wiped clean!  :)

I am not exactly packed yet (yup but I am blogging)... but did choose SOME of my 31 bags that will make their way to Cancun with the four of us. (We are going with another couple)
Don't you love them?  :)

This one if still full of my groceries from this afternoon.  I am using it for my carry-on bag because it has a ton of the little outside pockets and can fit anything from my laptop to my gallon bag full of medicine (I am an OVER preparer- I'm ready for bug bites, allergies, headaches, scrapes etc.) and even my first day of clothing plus a swimsuit so I don't have to wait a single minute at the hotel.  :)

This is completely empty so it is slouching a bit.  This is by far my favorite 31 bag that I own.  It is called the Weekender and it is really perfect for packing a weekend worth of stuff inside of it!  I am sadly going to check this because it is too large to claim as my purse.  :(  I am putting all of the bathroom stuff and our shoes inside. 

This baby is going to be my purse for the week.  It has all of the fun little pockets to store my sunscreen, chapstick, bandages (I know- OVER preparer- can you imagine what I will be like when I finally have kids????)  I can leave this lovely thing on the beach because it wipes clean and if for some misfortune it gets borrowed by the college kids- it is only $15 unlike my real purse which would leave me crying for days.
On to the FREEBIE :) 

I normally teach about recycling during the week of Earth Day but this year I just couldn't wait!  One of my lovely teaching partners found a 25 minute version of The Lorax in those $5 movie bins at Walmart.  (I since went and snagged one for myself as well!) 

I made an entire recycling unit but still have to put some finishing touches on it and was hoping to take photos of my students' work but forgot to do it before I left school yesterday. 

I thought that I'd share my pre-writing and drafting pages for our persuasive Saving the Earth story.

You can download yours here for free.  ;) 

I also included 2 book recommendations.  They are short and sweet rhyming books.  I also recommend reading The Lorax by Dr. Seuss.  My students were really into the story.  It was really sweet to watch their emotions as I read the story.  Then you can run out to Walmart and snag your own $5 The Lorax movie copy!

I also am having a 20% off sale at my TPT tomorrow to celebrate the official beginning of my Spring Break! 

If I do not respond to your emails in a timely manner I apologize because I will be sleeping on the beach!  :)

Have a great weekend and an even better week next week!  :)



  1. Hi Danielle - your blog is just adorable! I just found you and am your newest follower. Enjoy your trip. I teach first in CA and am on spring break for 2 weeks - whoo - hoo!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After