Monday, April 16, 2012

Crunch time- 32 days left of school! And randomness!

I always know when 4th quarter has begun... Fun night which is only true to name for the kiddos :-), end of Rti fluency, a desperate attempt to catch up those kiddos who seem to have a tough time focusing and trying to jam all uncovered content into one month! Once May comes along- it is time for diagnostic assessments, grade card testing, camp week and cleaning up my room for the year.

This year I feel like I wish I had one more month to get some of my students to where they should be academically.... Then on the other hand... sleeping in sounds rather appealing. :-)

Our annual school fun night was last week and I will soon compile all of the fliers, organization pieces into a file and post it on tpt.

I also am almost finished writing the first grade common core standards into super kid friendly terms. Boy- oh- boy is that a task! I swear some of the standards have taken me quite a bit of time to eliminate some of the adult language! I will be adding these as an option to use in my recording common core mastery tpt item. If you have already purchased it- watch for updates soon! :-).

I feel so bad that I have been neglecting my blog lately- I've just been a busy girl! :-)

To add a little fun to this post- the first person to comment- leave me your email and the name of a product from my tpt store that you would like. :-)

I have another personal day on Friday (I am using up all three for once this year!!!) so hopefully I can "stop on by" for another giveaway and perhaps some tidbits.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


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  1. I have less than 30 days! Can I have the Recycling Unit? Missed that giveaway!