Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

If you celebrate Easter- I hope that it was fabulous! If you don't- I hope that your day was fabulous!

It has been a while since I've posted. Our annual Fun Night is on Friday and I have been working away trying to make sure all t's are crossed and i's are dotted.

I always ran a game in my room for the first three years of teaching but never was on the planning end. My mentor ( who was the most patient and kind person that I have ever known) was always heavily involved in Pto. One summer just a few weeks before school started- I received a phone call from my principal and could tell something was wrong. He told me that Lana, my mentor, had been snorkeling in Florida and was found in the water unresponsive. :-(. My heart sank. She had been teaching for 37 years and still loved every moment of it. She was always there to lend a helping hand and was very involved. She was an amazing person.

Well... Three years ago to honor her I started getting really involved in PTO ( about 5 people). My first big task was to take on volunteers for our annual fun night. Let me tell you- I did that job for 2 years and gladly turned it over this year! Finding about 140 volunteers is not an easy task. The job starts about 4 months prior to the event and doesn't end until after the night is over. A lot of people cancel/ don't show up or forget to go to their shifts. The first year was a complete learning experience. The second year- I felt much more confident but it was still a lot of work.

This year I am the game and donations person (which I share the responsibility with two lovely teachers.). I am loving it so much more! I have made game direction posters which almost mimic lesson plans from materials to clean up. I have posters outside the doors. I purchased tubs to organize and keep the games in. We made new and more fun games. We also have a lot of donations for raffles ( after hours and hours of dropping letters off and calling companies), advertisements, thank you posters, thank you cards, pocket chart sized typed up descriptions to place winning tickets, and a lot more!!!

I plan to compile all of the information into a file soon and post it on TPT so that you can use it/ adapt it to make your own fun night.

Working on all of this made me think about how much I'd love to plan/ coordinate a blogging conference. I'm just detail ordinated enough to pull it off. I was thinking about how I'd organize buses to take local teacher store trips, shopping trips, organize the speakers, block rooms, make folders with local attractions and teacher coupons etc. I think that I like teaching so much for the planning and organizing aspect. So- if any of you want any planning done- you know who to contact!! I just live for it!! Just to think- it was all my mentor that inspired me to first start coordinating and planning large events. If it wasn't for her- I never would have truly found my hobby/ passion.

Well- it is off to bed for me! I took a personal day on Wednesday- so I'm sure that I will "see" you around soon!

Have a great Monday!


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