Monday, January 28, 2013

Lego "Fowdashun"


I LOVE my students.  They are the most sweet and thoughtful bunch.  I appreciate them so much!

Here is a sweet story...

I have wanted to buy Legos for my students since I began teaching.  They cost so darn much!  I spends thousands of dollars each year on items but won't buy legos because they are JUST a recess toy.  I always do a drive by at garage sales trying to find them but never any luck.  :(
I told my students when we had enough all positive days that I would buy some Legos.  When it happened I just bought one tub and told my students that I am going to buy more but am going to look around for a deal because they are so expensive.

Lo and behold... a darling little girl in my class brought me 2 typed up signs the next day.

Lego Fowdashun
Lets by Legos for are class!  Bring extra money to school and we will by more Legos!
It was ADORABLE!  :)  There was much more to it but I left it at school.  I'm going to save it forever!  :)
I thanked her it and explained that it was an excellent idea but I really wanted to buy them for the class myself because they are such great kids.  :)
I just love the sweet little things that they do.

  Have a great Tuesday!



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