Monday, April 1, 2013

More favorite things and giveaway reminder!

I thought that I'd post more of my favorite things since I received a few emails asking me more about them.  :) 

But first a reminder...
First is a super talented teacher Jodi Southard.  She has made the best addition practice packet.  She has made up her own rhymes (not just retyping rhymes that have been around for a long time) for the math facts.  She has has fun practice sheets to go with each type of math fact.  I have been using her fun rhymes and some of her practice sheets all year to supplement my addition stuff.  I wish I was as talented as her!  My brain does not wrap around rhymes but wraps around tables/ charts and data!  :)  This is a MUST buy!
This is my cut dry version of math fact practice.  I have flashcards, motivational tracking charts and assessments.  I use this weekly.  My students earn flashcards and keep them in a baggie that I have stapled into their math folder.  After they finish their independent jobs for the day- they always end with practicing their flashcards which are right in their folder. 
This next one is by far the best fraction item that I have ever found.  This is by Busy Me Plus Three.  I am a huge fan of fun cut and paste instructional books.  This item has just that.  There is a sheet that the students have that they cut from and the other pages of the book are stapled together.  It makes for an interactive lesson.   You read the page and then tell them to find the items and cut and paste them out inot the booklet.   There are also a lot of fun games but the booklet is by far my favorite! 
That is it for today!  Don't forget to go enter my giveaway!  :)
As I have been going to TPT to find screen shots for this post- I put 3 new items in my cart.  I am totally obsessed!  :)


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