Monday, April 1, 2013

More of my favorite things and giveaway reminder

Here is the reminder... for real $50 to TPT.  :)  Click the icon below to enter if you haven't!


My students LOVE science and this is a real inquiry based unit that I made this year.  If you ever buy my TPT products you will notice how I try to included ABSOLUTELY everything that you need.  This has a book written by yours truely, scientific logging notebooks, scientific process posters, and experiement lesson plans.  Many fun science items that I find are not inquiry based but this one is. 
This next item is my newest purchase and I LOVE it from the very talented Michelle Oakes!  It is full of fun map and pirate activities.  A perfect supplement are the adorably cute "ar" activities from The Teacher Wife.  I love trying to cover things by a theme because my kiddos get super excited and remember more!

This is a recyling unit the I made.  It is simple but my kids love it.  My favotie part is listening to them as they work in groups and try to discover as many ways as they can to reuse certain items.  Boy do they get creative!  :)
Hopefully the past few days have given you some ideas of what free items to pick from me if you win my giveaway and what to spend your $50 TPT bucks on!  :)


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