Friday, August 9, 2013

Guided Math Charts and Work on Numbers

I have revamped my rotation charts and also my Work on Numbers materials.

You can download my charts plus some links to items that I use for FREE here.

I also finished up Work on Numbers task cards that I can use for one station instead of having to write it on the wall each day.  I love anything to make our very chaotic day a little more simple!

Here is a peak:

These cover skills from just writing digits, to number words, to tally marks, to making collections to measuring using objects.  They are simple tasks that you can just use dry erase boards or cheap notebooks to record your answer.  :)

Off to get ready! 

Today is my hubby and my 5th anniversary!  :)  It is hard to believe that we got married 5 years ago!  In some ways it seems like longer-lol but in other ways it just seems like yesterday.  :)  Regardless I am VERY lucky to have such a handsome, funny, good cook, handy, and hard working guy in my life!  :) 

Some days I feel like I hit the jack-pot.  :)

Happy weekend to you all!