Thursday, August 8, 2013

My weekly projects

School starts NEXT week!  So this week has been crunch week.  Last week I said, "Oh- I'm all ready.  I have my lesson plans, and copies made for the first month.  Names on the necessities..." 
THEN... I started meeting with my team.  I swear they are THE BEST pinterest searching people in the world.  They always find the cutest projects.  They also have the cutest rooms and mine is just basic.  So- I went from "almost ready!" to "well- I better try to do that!" 
I of course attempted my easy and cheap versions.  :)
 (Okay this is my updated math resource page due to many requests!  Not pinterest but it was a project this week!)
This is my new reading area.  I bought the teacher store reading strategies and just JAZZED them up by adding zebra border.  I also have my reading group folders ready and some of the reading supplies.

This is my new writing resource wall.  The cute Writing sign is from Cara Carroll's Chalkboard organizational kit on TPT.  The cute punctuation posters are from firstgradefactory Sentence Structure unit.  The other items are from my MEGA first grade writing unit. 
I hope that my little ones can pull up a chair and use the resources if needed.

One of my teammates found this idea on pinterest.  It comes from a year of many firsts.  I LOVE this idea!  For work on writing one of their choices is to pick up and choose a class journal to add to.  The students can read their friends' responses but it also saves on paper and clutter!  :)  I chose to buy as many different composition notebooks as I could so that it would be easier for the kiddos to find a certain journal.

This gem  was inspired by my teammates.  Two of them made one of these 2 years ago.  I recently saw some start to surface on pinterest again as well.  Most people go find the hardware or jewelry sorters at Target or Walmart.  I went super easy and bought this from Office Max during Teacher Days and got it for 25% off.  I just used left over border and stuffed it in the little tubs and then filled them up with frequent used materials.  I am SUPER excited to use it this year.  I have been Very jealous of the organizers that my teammates had.  :)

I have gone back and forth during the years of how to organize my weekly materials.  Last year I used two different systems.  This is a system that my cooperating teacher used 8 years ago.   Two of my teammates still use it.  So I though, "Why not?  Let's try this!"  I apparently am not planning on doing much with the kids on Thursday next week.  lol.
This is my math board.  I don't have my updated resource page on it yet.  :(  Here I have a lovely teacher store bought 120 chart.  My first week I CAN statement and math rotation charts.  Here are some close ups:
I write the names of students in the group on a post-it-note above the rotation sign.
These are laminated so that I can write what specific item that they need to do at that rotation.  I am working on (and almost finished) with a year worth of tasks to do for "Work on Numbers" rotation.  For Math Review they can play independent games or activities to practice previously introduced skills.  Math on my Own uses math journal pages or skill worksheets.  Math facts, students cut out a new fact group weekly and then practice the cards in various ways.  They also review cards from previous weeks.
These are really fun reward coupons.  A teammate found these on pinterest for FREE!  I grouped them by how much they are worth.  Most people organize it in a nice plastic case.  Since I didn't have one already- I just used Business Card sleeves and a binder to store mine.  I still need to find a way to display them in the room.  :)
WHEW!  So many projects but I am glad that I did them!  I love stealing other people's being inspired by other people's ideas.  :)


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  1. Thanks for sharing all the goodies! We head back tomorrow; looking forward to trying some of these ideas when the kids come later in the week.

    A Very Curious Class