Monday, December 19, 2011

Reward Incentive Chart

This is a chart that was recommended by a wonderful first grade teacher.  :)

I just tried this out last week and it seemed to work.  I think that I will pull this out at high stressful times!  I put items dealing with our Polar Express day on the boards. 

This is just another strategy to keep around to use when needed!  ;)  If you would like a copy- just email me!  ( :)

Behavior Incentive Chart
This was introduced to me from a friend.  She attended a behavior conference and this was a strategy that was used. 
The student and teacher fill in the chart together.  They fill in rewards that the child would like to earn.  You work from top left to lower right.  You will write rewards in each of the boxes starting with the least of the desired rewards.  The reward that the student wants to earn the most- will be written in the last box. 
Make a new chart each week.  When a child makes a mistake the first box will be crossed off.  This means that they will NOT receive the reward.  Whatever rewards are not crossed off by the end of the week- the child will receive. 
Reward ideas include:
*Using the teacher chair, extra computer time, being the line leader, blowing the recess whistle, picking their buddy first, being paper passer, being the first to choose recess toys, going to a different class for recess, allowed to visit principal, move desk to sit by a buddy etc. 

Changing the Strategy
In my class they can choose one of the following:
·        They don’t have any of the rewards.  Each time that I catch them doing something positive, I make a smiley face on the chart.   This means that they have earned the reward.
o   If they choose this- I often make the chart larger.  I add 2 blank spaces between the reward spaces.  This way I can find as many positives as I need.
·        They have earned all of the rewards but I can take them away.  (This is just like the incentive chart mentioned above.)
Just one more day for us until break!  For those of you already on break- I am SO jealous!  :)


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