Sunday, December 18, 2011

Time Saving Tidbits!

I had a sweet email from a teacher you shared my same philosophy of "Work smarter not harder!"

I thought it would be nice to share some of the time saving tidbits that you have discovered over the years for school.  (Perhaps we can do a home one for later!) 

1.  I number my students.  That way each year I can just keep the same number on mailboxes, whiteboards, clipboards etc.  I can even buy the cheap folders and spiral notebooks during the summer and number them before I even know who will be in my class.

2.  I don't know about all of you but I HATE grading.  I don't know why but it is my least favorite part of teaching.  I actually do not mind it anymore because I use a system that I discovered (who knows where?) about 3 years ago.
You just need:
File folders labeled with class numbers.  (So you don't have to change them each year!)
A file storage crate.

I teach my students to file their completed work in their file.  I take this home during the week and grade the papers.  This also makes it easy to hand back papers.  :)  I have students turn assessments right into me. 

3.  My students use to just hand me all of their notes and lunch money in the morning.  I have two baskets on my desk labeled, "office notes" and "lunch money".  I have copied lunch count and attendance slips with my name on them and stuck them into the bottom of the basket.  This way my students have to put their belongings into the baskets so that I don't misplace them!

4.  I utilize my parent helpers and send simple things home like my weekly effort sheet.  I have parents label each page with all of the dates that I need for the year.  Then I copy them.  That saves some time.

5.  I created file folders for each week of the year.  (December 1, December 2, December 3 etc.)  I copy things like my behavior chart and stuff them into the correct monthly folders.  I also pre-copy all of my curriculum newsletters so that I have them handy for when they are needed.  I file all of my mystery reader reminders and celebrity of the week reminders and signs all in the appropriate folders as well.  I typically do all of this during the first couple weeks of school.

6.  I created easy to fill in forms for missing school supplies, missing homework etc.  That way I just quickly fill in the blanks and send it home.

7.  DAILY 5!  Need I say more?  ;)

8.  Some of my read aloud books are bagged up by comprehension/ writing strategy.  (Connection bag, inference bag etc.)  This way I can just grab a book when I am teaching a lesson.

What are your time saving tips?????


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