Sunday, May 20, 2012

Camp Week and New TPT item.

I cannot believe that camp week is next week! That means only 8 more days of school!  (But who is counting?  :)  )

I stayed for about 3 hours after school on Friday to start setting up the LaSota campsite.  I went home and swore that I would go in this weekend to finish- yet I didn't-  OOPS!  :)  That means that I need to get up super early and go in before work tomorrow.  It is always so much fun to see their little faces on the first day of camp.  I always hear a lot of "WOAH!","Did you see that???"  Which makes the multiple hours of work totally worth it!  I always have wanted to change my classroom theme monthly and get the same kind of reaction.  Sadly- unless I win the lottery and can hire an assistant or have teenage children to bribe- it probably won't ever happen!  :)

I took some pictures of my unfinished room on Friday to share with you.  :)

Alright, this is missing my camping chair, sleeping bag and cooler.  (Where I keep our daily snacks.)

I hang these from the ceiling.

My kids make scenery to help set the mood.  These are some of the highlights.

Isn't it cute?  This is new from Oriental trading!  :)

This is new too!  I didn't take a picture of my old construction paper one.  It was so sad.

My ornery side comes out with these.  I will place them on student sleeping bags or sometimes even in them.  ;)

This is my favorite part of camp and the idea is COMPLETELY borrowed from where I student taught.  A few weeks before camp, we send home a secret package and ask parents to write letters to their child while they are at "camp."  The students have a ball with this and have to write back each day.  Parents get REALLY creative with their letters.  "The dog has been sleeping on your bed." One of my kiddos LOVES, I mean REALLY LOVES Legos.  She told me that she cut out a Lego man picture and wrote the letter all in Lego lettering from his Lego man.  I can't wait to read it!  :)

The students write a daily journal entry at the end of each day.

I purchased plant and animal track rubbing plates years ago and the students create a nature guide that they can use over the summer.  :)

I have a bee, ladybug and butterfly.  Students are given one of these and they write their name on it. This is how I assign learning groups for the week.

Some of my read aloud books for the week.
I have 2 more movies but I must have misplaced them last year!  The Guide to Camping is a little silly but VERY informative!  It teaches all about proper campsite set up, how to handle food, garbage bags etc.

I also just submitted an updated for common core standards Marshmallow Madness item to TPT.  It has 4 pages of math using mini-marshmallows, a writing prompt and a website and questions to answer.

The first three people to comment with their email will receive it for free!  :)

I have my work cut out for me for Monday morning to finish my room! Regardless of what I accomplish- they will still be excited!

Have a great week! 



  1. Cute ideas! Love the Oriental Trading poster! :)


    1. I will email you soon! :) My email is down. ;(

  2. What wonderful ideas! I can't wait to try these!

    1. I will email you soon! :) My email is down. ;(

  3. yay! love your ideas! :)

    Miss Elementary

    1. I will email you soon! :) My email is down. ;(

  4. So cute!!

    The First Grade Dream

  5. Love your stuff!


  6. What a hoot! Your kids are gonna LOVE next week.

    Grade ONEderful
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  7. Love the little fire! and I see you're from Ohio!? I teach in Cleveland... where are you??

    Jessica Stanford
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    1. Thanks for all of the comments! I sure do LOVE them! :)

      Jessica, I am so excited to have another Ohio teacher friend! I live in Delaware but teach in Marion county.

  8. Camping week sounds like lots of fun!! I am sure the kids will always remember it. I know these kinds of things make for extra work for the teacher, but it's what the kids always remember about being in your class. Have fun camping!! I am your newest follower.