Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More Teacher Appreciation Week and a limited time freebie!!!

Happy Wednesday!

I have another free offering today: My Weekend News Templates.  I use this to have my students practice certain nonfiction features.  They are easy to use and my kiddos really enjoy changing up their weekend news.

You can download it here for free until I go to bed tonight or after I wake up tomorrow!  ;)

Funny story:
We have been meeting with our 4th grade buddies all week working on animal reports.  As I was meandering through the 60 kids in the class- I heard two students discussing an animal item and questioning it.  I came up and helped them figure it out.  My kiddo said, "Mrs. LaSota- how did you know that?"  I of course said, "Well, you see this brain up here?  It is HUGE and full of knowledge.  I don't even know how I can fit it in my head!"  The 4th grade student just stared at me and calmly said, "Ummm... Mrs. LaSota... actually no.  You probably only use like 10% of your brain like most people."  LOL  I'm so glad that I teach 6-7 year old students that believe everything that I say!  Keep those 4th graders away from me!

Just a reminder that I am having a mega giveaway of my favorite things!  I'd appreciate you telling your friends to share the love!

Click here to go enter.

Have a great night!


P.S.  I am going to try to leave lots of bloggy comments tonight but I have to finish our first grade ordering tonight.  :( 



  1. That's a great Freebie. I just bought it Monday and love it!! You have tons of great stuff.

  2. Shoot! I missed it. It's been a crazy week. lol

    That brain conversation was too funny! Have a great weekend.

    First Grade Delight