Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Party

I just completed Babbling Abby's Candy Corn Bandit activity last week. My kids just love it and I giggle all day long as they make predictions and use all kinds of suspect talk!

It got me thinking about the fall party being right around the corner. I'm still a newbie to Pinterest but just spent an hour pinning away!

Here is the link to my page:

I'm blogging from my phone so ill have to format the pictures better later.

I was searching and searching for an activity or craft to do and lo and behold something that I do each year with teaching matter popped up!

Making "slime." But one creative person adds green food coloring and puts it in a plastic test tube with a halloweenish label. I found 25 plastic test tubes with caps on amazon for less than $9!

I also have a gluten free kiddo and 2 peanut free allergy kids this year. I think that I'll make the pumpkin rice Krispy treats but use something peanut free as the stem.

As the healthy snack I want to make the cute skeleton with veggies.

For the game... I'll probably make a version of toss spider rings into cans. To add some math- I might number the cans and the corresponding sum will determine their prize. Maybe if they.have an odd sum one prize and an even sum another. (That way if they don't make any- they get an even prize.)

So all in all they will have fun but practice math and science!!!


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