Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Reading Level and Sight Word Communication FREEBIE

I send this form home each 9 weeks. 

I write their reading level.  Then I either check the, "Keep up the great work!" or "We will continue to work on the below items."  If I check the second portion- I circle areas that we need to work on.

I write how many sight words that they read correctly, and then check either of the boxes just like the reading level.  (I don't know my current district's quarterly expectation yet but typically the expectation boxes are filled in.)

I included a generic form with the title, "Reading Assessment" so that you can fill in the expectations regardless of the assessment instrument that you use.

You can download it for free here.
I will also be giving these FREE handouts at P/T conferences:

I also have these handy at conferences.  I typically have 4-5 parents ask how to determine leveling.
I also update my student expectation graphs.  I'm just working on filling out my conference forms and having my students complete their construction paper apple.   I give the apple with the student decorated file folder full of materials and a real apple to each set of parents at conferences. 

YIKES- they are next week!

Have a Terrific Thursday!  :)


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