Monday, July 22, 2013

New Student Bags and Meet and Greet Items ***also Pin It to Win It

I always have to remind myself to make extra copies and buy extra of everything for all of those new students that move in.  I always make "new student" bags so I don't run around in the morning that I find out that I have a new student.

Here is a post that I wrote a LONG time ago about my new student bags.

Here are some of the items that I am including in my 2 gallon sized bags this year:
-All About My Child
-RAZ Kids Family letters
-Dismissal Form
-Rules and Procedures Document
-School Calendar
-Take home folder with a year worth of behavior charts (this way I can throw away the calendars that are past and have them set for the current month.)
-Homework folder
-Magnetic Business Card with my email/ phone number. school webpage etc. (Office Max has them in a cheap bundle right now!)
-Blank name tag
-Blank cubby tag
-3 blank clothespins
-Math home links book EDM
-Math journal book EDM
-3 journals (The cheap 15 cent kind- one for word work, one for "journaling" and the last for math.)

Come August 1st when I am able to go into school- I will be making whole trees worth of copies.  I always copy these things for the entire school year even before school starts:

-Reading logs
-lunch count forms copied with my name filled in
-celebrity of the week fan mail
-Behavior Charts

Here are things that I copy for the first few weeks:

-Word work sheets
-Number Sense and Place Value Stuff
-Morning Work for August (SIMPLE stuff)
-Beginning of the year writing (letters, grammar stuff etc.)

I also updated lesson plans and put them together in this document.  You can click on the image to go to the TPT store. 
Alright- pin it (or blog it) to win it!  You have until Thursday to pin it or blog it to get it emailed to you for free!  :)  Just comment with your email below after you pin or blog about it.  :)



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