Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Interactive Voting and Election Book- pin it to win it!

 I heard about this idea YEARS ago and can't seem to find something simplified enough my for first graders. This is an interactive book that walks the students through the election. They even form two different "parties" and hold their own candy elections. (You will need a small amount of candy for the taste tests.)

 I CANNOT wait to try this out but wanted to post it on TPT just in case any of you want to try it as well! 

Typically my favorite items on TPT are the items that have EVERYTHING that you need!  I always get super bummed when there is an amazing product but they are missing simple things that are needed.  So I tried to include everything that you need in this item!  It is made into a little booklet and there are simple taste test items that you need to set-up in advance.  :)  You just need a ballot box, 6 Dixie cups and candy!

Here is a peak:

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