Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Math- counting on

This year my team and I are "creating" our own math lessons.  By creating- I mean that we are pulling from as many resources as possible.  :) We try to use as much as EDM as we can because we have the student journals/ home links books.  However, EDM poorly aligns with common core so we are pulling from many other places.

I always start with warming up earlier in the day with one of these fantastic daily math sheets projected:
This week our focus is on addition strategies- counting on.

These are some resources that we have compiled together to create a week worth of lessons:

For whole group teaching- I just drag the pdf files into a Smart notebook and delete the pages that I don't want.  (MAC) For PC's you have to select "print" and choose the Smart writer printer option and it will convert the pdf's into a smart notebook for you. 

For homework this is what my class has for math:

This is our exit slip this week:

We have a binder that the sheets that we use for "math on my own", homework, whole group work etc. are included in separate binder sheets so that we can have them easily copied for all of us by a parent. 

red guided math group- we are practicing counting on with number lines, and number charts
yellow group- I am showing flash cards and they are writing the answer on dry erase boards
green group- they are working on doubles facts


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