Monday, October 14, 2013

Word Work

Here is a peak at what word work looks like during each week.

It starts with a pre-spelling test on Monday.
 Students use a dry erase marker to write each word.  I use to have students take home a paper version but I felt that it wasted paper each week.

Next, if students scored 100% of the words correct, they receive 2 small challenge lists.  1 goes home and the other is glued into their word work notebook.  If they received even 1 word wrong, they will receive 1 on level list to glue into their word work notebook.

These are determined by our reading series.  The above  level lists are about 3 units in advance and go into second grade words.

The notebooks are the cheap 17 cent notebooks during back to school season.  Students glue their new list in each week.

Students can choose how to practice their words by these choices.  This is now laminated and it hangs up on my wall. There are more choices like gel writing etc that haven't been introduced yet this year.

These are the sign language and keyboard sheets. 

Students practice using this way Monday-Wednesday.

If a student feels that they already know the words at some point in the week- they know to get a dictionary and choose 6 new challenge words and make their own list.
On Thursday I borrow our mobile lab and have my students login to
If you have never used this website- check it out! It is free!  I have saved our individual spelling lists for the year. 

 The students simply click on the correct lesson for the week and the words are already there.

I have students click the test.  When they click the "say it" or "sentence" button it will read it and the student is to type in the word.  At the end it will grade the assessment.  I tell my students if they get all of the words correct that they can play games practicing next week's words.  If they miss any words- they can play games using the next week list.

There are some free games and pay games.  We just use the free games.  It takes the spelling words and puts them into games for you.  It is hard to believe that it is free!
Finally on Friday we take the spelling test.  All students put a book at their desk.  I read the "on level" spelling list first and students taking the challenge list will read their book.  Then everyone listens as I read 2 sentence dictation sentences.  Then the on level group reads their book as I read the challenge words.
The spelling words are graded at the top.  Students earn a "4" if they spell all of the challenge words correctly.  If a student takes a challenge assessment and misses some words- they earn a "3+."
The sentence dictation is graded on the back. 

Down the left contains our grade card headings.  The middle states what they need to do to earn a "3" which is like an "A."  Finally on the right- I circle what grade that they earned.
It is simple- same each week but is good practice for them.  :)


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