Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bell Work: Encouraging Conversations by Connecting Home and School

They are waxing the hallway near my classroom this week so it is back to working on the computer!  :)

Here is my new Bell Work:

I made 18 forms for students to fill out as they wait to pack up and clean up each day.  The beginning of the year I will use the form that they just draw pictures of what they did.  Throughout the year I will introduce other forms and eventually allow students the choice to choose which one they want to use.

I want my little ones to go home and talk to their parents about what is going on at school.  I also want my kiddos to know that they will need to fill out a paper each day- so they better be thinking about what they want to choose.  I'll make it entertaining by switching up the forms used and also allowing them to sometimes use markers or other fun art materials to fill it out.

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