Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beginning of the School Year

It is that time again that I start opening up my "beginning of the year" files!  I cannot believe that this is starting so soon!

I always make sure that I have a good supply of these forms ready to go:
-Needed Supplies
-Missing Homework
-Get Well Soon
-Behavior forms
-Character education forms
-Passed sight words and math facts

These are open house items:
-How to put away supplies

-Welcome parent gift
     *I have 3 Riesen candies and a small pack of Extra gum bundled in tissue paper and tied with ribbon.
     -The card states, "Here are a few "riesen's" why I want to make this an "EXTRA" special year."  (If I state reasons on the card.) 
       "I hope that your child will find many "riesen's" to enjoy this EXTRA special year!"
-Welcome parent folder
     *Video and Photo Permission
     *Welcome letter with rules and procedures
     *Tell me about your child form
-Welcome student gift
     *Homework supply kit
-Dismissal (first day and regular)- HEAD OVER TO TPT- it is FREE!!!  This saves so many headaches from transportation issues during the first week!  :)

Beginning of the year:
-Getting to know you bracelet

Random items to have for the first 2 weeks:  (You never know how long it will take you to teach procedures!)
-Sticker stories:  The kids love them and it gets them motivated to write!
-Writing temples ( I just LOVE this FREE website!)

Managment Items:

Other fun tidbits:
As I was looking on TPT the other day- am AMAZING FREE item popped up!  It is a math resource page that uses touch points with the numbers,  a 100 chart, shapes etc.  I copied these, laminated them and am going to put them in my math bins this year.  I can't wait to use them!  :)

I use the phonics dance and thought that this year I would order the colored alphabet chart because I really didn't feel like coloring and then laminating 26 cards.  I found name tags that have all of the phonics dance chunks on them!  I am REALLY excited and ordered them right away even though they are a bit pricey.  We will see if these little treasures are worth the money! 

I have nothing to do tomorrow so I hope to get into my classroom and start working away and finish all of my EDM pre-assessments from the first teacher book as well as work on some of my common core comprehension!  :)  Have a great evening (or day for most of you by the time you read this!)  :)


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