Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Everyday Math

In my new district they use Everyday Math.  A sweet new teammates of mine allowed me to borrow her teacher books until I get mine. 

In my other district, I wrote my own curriculum so this is a big change for me!  :)

I was planning on making smartboard slides for each lesson so I wouldn't have to hug my teacher book each lesson.  Before I started the lengthy process, I thought that I'd first look on teacherspayteachers.  Lo' and behold, someone has already created them!  I'm adding my guided math rotation charts and a few other items but for the most part- they are finished!  :)

You can find each unit in this store.

I have plans for my new bulletin boards and didn't want to take up space, so I made an EDM meeting.

I also am making pre-assessments for units 2+ so that I can form guided math groups but use the enrichment and readiness lessons based on the results of the assessment.  I have units 2 and 3 completed so far.  :)

From what I have noticed so far, EDM is great for enrichment but definitely needs more facts and problem solving.  So I am incorporating these items into my weekly lessons.

The first three friends to comment with their email will receive one of these for free!  Please also leave the name of the item that you want for free.  :)

Enjoy the remainder of your week!  :)  I'm off to learn all of my new curriculum!  :)



  1. I would love the problem solving strategies!


  2. If I'm one of the first three, I would like the Addition Properties.


  3. I would love the problem solving strategies!


  4. Sorry Danielle. Can I have the Math Fact Practice I Can instead? I realize I already purchased the other two?

    Thank you!