Thursday, July 19, 2012

ALMOST finished with common core assessments!!!!

I cannot tell you how much I want to be finished with creating common core assessments!  I usually like this kind of thing (I know I'm a little sick!) but I just want to be finished with it and start in on the fun!  The problem is that I am SO close- so I just have to keep chugging along!  :)

I finished the remainder of the common core reading today.  (YES!!!!)  I hope throughout the year to go in and add more items like parents newsletters etc.  As for now- I just wanted to call it quits and move on!

Here is a peak at the lovely little item:

This is part of the generic nonfiction assessment.  I wanted to  be able to use books from my district's reading series to assess students.  The assessments are assessing fluency, have room for a running record and then they have checklists with most of the phonics and phonological awareness first grade standards (most- because I created separate assessments for those.)  They also have checklists for retelling and finally questions to ask the kiddos after they read the book that go along with common core standards.  I also have a fiction assessment and a simple rubric for oral reading of prose and poetry.

This is a simple grade sheet to help you determine an overall grade for certain areas. 

Since I finished this baby today and am ALMOST finished with my Common Core Comprehension Reading Response Activities.... I decided to TREAT myself with finishing a FUN activity that I have been putting off.  :)

Here is my Fishing Frenzy unit:  :-D

This uses goldfish crackers (so much incentive for the little ones!) to complete 2 math pages.  Then they get to write a story about, "The Adventures of Mr. Fishy."

There is another math activity but there are paper fish to help measure if they already consumed their crackers!  There is also a super fun sight word fishing game that is only practing irregularly spelled (cough-common core) and some of what I call "yellow" words which are words with rules or chunks.
You can find more information on how I color code sight words here.

Finally there is a little yummy reading activity:  How to make Dirt Pudding!  :)

Two new items today- so- the first 2 friends to comment will receive one of these for free!  Just leave your email and tell me which item you want!  :)



  1. These look great! The fishing frenzy would be great for my ELL firsties. Thanks a bunch!


  2. Oh, this looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  3. It looks like you have been busy creating! I am a new follower and I nominated you for an award. Come and check out my blog and get your award.


  4. If I made it, then can I have the Fishing Frenzy?