Monday, September 16, 2013

Classroom Banking and TPT store sale tomorrow-Thursday! :)

Last year was the first year that I had any students who had math skills good enough to be my weekly bank tellers for my classroom economy. 

I decided to take it a step further this year and I held "interviews" on Friday for bank positions.  I allowed students to tell me what job they were applying for.  I called them up one at a time and asked scenario questions and, "Why do you think you would be good at ___?"  At the end I shook all of theirs hands and said, "I'll be in contact.  Thanks for coming in." 
lol it was completely cheesy but the kids LOVED it!  :)

Students will receive a job offer letter tomorrow in their school mailbox.  I even have an abundance of business sized envelopes and will stuff the letter in there!

I'm printing them off and signing it to make it seem more official! 

Here are the positions.  I didn't add my student's last names so I could show it here.  :)
 Manager/ Assistant:  Make sure all employees do their job
Line Manager: Makes sure that no one cuts in line
Bank Tellers: Count up and pay money
Assistants: get the next patron and make sure they have proper documents (behavior calendars)
Security: Makes sure that no one takes extra money and they greet the patrons.

*There are many of each position because they might have to "go on break" to get paid.  Bank tellers get paid last.
Managers give specific directions/ jobs to the cleaning crew.
Cleaning crew: wipes down tables, organizes library, sweeps the floor, organizes shared table supplies, helps organize student drawers etc.

Here is the bank sign that we will display:

Finally here is the bank teller "cheat sheet":
My dad is a CPA-  I hope that I made him proud with the title of this poster! 

My goal was to make this as real as possible!  :)  If the cleaning crew finishes early- they will just "go on break" and do a quiet choice.  :)

I'm excited to see if it works! 

Also- THANK YOU to all of the encouraging and sweet comments below!  It always makes my day!  :)  This is why I need to blog more!  Positive reinforcement works!

Have a great week!  :)


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