Monday, September 23, 2013

FREE Behavior Accountability Charts

Recently I have been getting emails about receiving a copy of these forms that I made a couple years ago.  I decided to put them on TPT because I couldn't keep up with the requests and even think that I inadvertently missed emailing some people!  :(

Click here to download the editable version for TPT.

Click here to download the FREE PDF from TPT.

Here is a peak:
 This chart is used for students that are working on a particular goal.  I have used this for students that are working on shouting out, students that are working on keeping their hands to themselves etc.  You write the goal at the top and then immediately after each heading written on the left- you will circle the smiley face depending on how many warnings that they needed for the goal.

After all morning routines are completed students will go talk to their accountability buddy (another teacher, custodian, secretary, older student, lunch worker etc.) about their behavior.  The buddy is trained to praise the student intrinsically or with a small piece of candy if they receive all smiley faces.  They are trained to ask, "What happened during ____?"  If the student receives a frown.  Then they will ask, "What can you do tomorrow to move it to a smiley face?"

The student repeats this process at the end of the day as well.

This chart is an overall behavior chart.  The behavior key reflects if they made mostly good choices, some good choices or a few good choices.  This is more generic and can be used with a child that doesn't have as severe behavior problems.  Usually using this chart can correct some of the behavior quickly. 

The student still checks in with an accountability buddy just like mentioned above.

These are optional for any students that might want to track a trend- they can graph the amount of smiley faces that they earn each day. 

So- go ahead and download it if you might be able to use it for a kiddo this year!  :)


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