Saturday, September 14, 2013

Resource Binders

I hope your school year is off to a GREAT start!  I am always just as nervous as my little first grade students the first week.  However, being a month in- I feel like I actually have a free minute to blog!  :)
I thought that I'd share something new that I am doing this year.  I am keeping a small set of 6 resource binders on my small reading group table.  Located inside are helpers that I might need for small group teaching.  My math groups are often larger than 6 kids so some kids just have to share.  :)

Guided Reading Resources:

Students in my groups aa-C always start with a whisper phone and chant this to "warm up" their brains.  :)  It gives me time to go check on my other students and gives them something to do as they wait for all students to make it to the table.  :)

My groups level D-G warm up with these charts:

Whole class we use the Phonics Dance.  However some students cannot chant them independently so for small group they chant these.  :)

Here is what I use to record the progress of my guided reading students each week:
The first day we meet I listen to a snippet of each student read.  If they have any miscues I write them in the box.  I also circle a number indicating their accuracy and fluency.  Later in the week I circle a number to indicate their level of comprehension.  I copy this on the back of each individual group's leveled plans.
Writing Resources:

These are materials that students might need during our small group writing lessons.
Students always bring their weekly pre-writing organizer to group:

This is what I use to record how they did during the week for writing:
I choose a skill of the week to focus on.  I circle a number for well the student applies that skill.  I also circle a number to grade a student on how well they read and answered questions during author's chair.

Math Resources:

The last two pages are used when our skill for the week is working on addition.  Students either use a dry erase marker or put small items in the circles.

This is how I record weekly observations and exit slip results.  My exit slips don't assess above level (a 4) skill so I have to rely on my observations.  At the end of the quarter students are given a separate assessment to determine if they know the above grade level skills.

I hope this gives you some ideas or you might be inspired to try out a resource binder that holds materials that you need to teach.  :)

I will be posting on TPT all of these items as a resource binder item soon!  :)  I also am almost finished with my guided reading levels aa-C file and my guided reading levels D-G files!  :)  Those have generic lesson plans, some of the items from above and a few other items.

Enjoy your weekend!  :)