Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Writing Words Resource- pin it to win it!

This is a writing resource that uses my district's K-1 sight word list.

My students each have a copy that they keep in their writing workshop folders.

As I introduce the weekly focus sight words- I have my students highlight them in their book.  These become the sight words that I expect them to spell correctly during writing because they can look them up.

You can highlight them in any way but I have my students highlight the words this way:
*If it is a word that they can sound out like "at"= green
*If it is a word that has a rule (silent e) or chunk (cAR)= yellow
*If it is an irregular word (of)= pink

Here is a peak:

There are also blanks so that other words can be added.

Here are my rules for adding words:
1.  First make sure that it isn't in the book.
2.  Get a scrap piece of paper (I call it a Try-It sheet) and try to write the word.
3.  Put up a teacher edit card and wait for me to check the word.
4.  When I check the word I make sure to point out the great sounds that they heard.  Then I write the correct spelling on the scrap piece.
5.  The student then transfers the correct spelling on a blank line in the book.

You can pick up your own copy here.

Also- if you pin this blog post or direct to my TPT link and tell me about it in the comments- I will email this to you for free until next Monday.  :)  Don't forget to comment your email below as well!  :)



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