Sunday, October 2, 2011

2D Shapes

I hope that you have had a relaxing weekend!

I have been busy finishing up my animal unit.  (It is almost complete!  I accidentally left the book I needed at school.)

I have also started my 2D shape unit.  I am bound and determine for my first graders to learn their 2D shapes.  I have even decided to make motivation bags.  These bags are full of yummy treats using most of the 2D shapes.

Here they are minus the pentagon and trapezoid:
Each bag is labeled with a child's name.  Next time I do this, I will allow the students to personally pick out their flavor choice so that it is extra motivating!

Here is what I used:


Hexagons (next time I will just use the Little Debbie cakes because I had to hunt for good hexagons.)

Oops!  I took it upside down! :)  I cut these in half to make trapezoids.

I cut the ends off at an angle and then cut diagnol lines to make parallelograms.

I cut each cheese slice in half and chopped off the corners to make pentagons. I placed parchment paper between each slice so they won't stick.

I am going to go buy triangle shaped crackers tomorrow morning.

I also have tracing shapes, posters and other shape activities lined up for the week.  This is just a little bit more motivation for them to learn their shapes for good!  :)  Once they can tell me the shape, they can eat the shape.  I obviously will keep the cheese out of the bag!

Any cheap and fast ideas for octagons?

Have a great week!


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