Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Need for Change

This year is a more challenging year than ever before.  I have 25 students that are divided by reading either almost a second grade level OR they are under my reading expectation.  I really only have about 1-2 students that are right where I expect them to be at this point in the year.  With that being said, I also have half of my class that is having a hard time being independent.  I love the daily 5 and have used it for 5 years but I have to adapt my teaching this year to meet the very diverse needs of my students.

Here is my plan:

I am planning on having my comprehension group (most of them are very independent workers) monitor their own learning.  I am completing giving them their materials and letting them go!  *Please change the word "their" to 'they' above!  :)

I will be teaching the remaining 14 with the accuracy group.  You will notice that most of it is completed in whole group or just quickly with a partner. 

I created sight word practice sheets that are the words that cannot be sounded out for my accuracy group to complete as I am teaching a quick comprehension lesson to my comprehension group.

I also have a 15 minute read to self time daily that I only introduce and hand out new leveled readers to students.  I have been unable to do groups due to the lack of independence in my room this year.
After I introduce the book, I have students read one on one with me.  This allows me the freedom to walk around and make my presence known.  :)

My students have needed something to hold them more accountable during read to self.  I was inspired by Hilary Lewis' response homework logs and created a reading response notebook using the same idea.  My students read one book, then fill in their reading response and after that just read to self for the rest of the time. 

I have an hour long writing workshop time which is working very well.  Almost all of my students are very engaged during this time.  I am very pleased with their eagerness to write.   

We also have a ten minute long read to someone time.  During this time I am still only walking around and monitoring.  I am hoping to fit some more structured teaching in here soon!

This is all new to me... no small groups!!!  Any suggestions?!?!?



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