Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Animal Report Collaboration!

I have been really proud of my kids this week.  I normally teach animals in the Spring when their writing skills are more developed.  The first grade teachers decided to teach it in the Fall and form a shared animal hallway display.  (I will post photos as soon as we finish!)

I had my students write reports together with the simple report form that I created.  As a part of the report they have to create a poster with facts.  They had to discuss and decide together on the background, border and heading for their animals.  I just LOVED listening to their logic and how they decided to compromise.  "Well, I want to make green stripes and you want to make pink polka dots so why don't we make green polka dots?"  I was just gushing with pride!

I took a lot of pictures but this is the ONLY one that you cannot see their little faces. 

They also have been doing well with their animal report publishing.  This photo is still missing the introduction and conclusion pages because those group members are finishing it up.

I can't wait to use and develop more group projects to do this year because they did so well! 

Tomorrow is the last kid day for this week!  Yay!  ;)



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