Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hand Signals

How I love using sign language in my classroom!

It all started with minoring in American Sign Language in college.  When I started teaching I said, "Well my degree isn't going to go to waste."  I started teaching the students how to ask for the restroom.

That slowly moved to teaching the signal for drink.  Then I moved to washing hands, yes, no and wait.

Days like today it makes me happy that I take the time to teach signals to my class.  It is nice to teach a group and being able to nod or show the sign for yes and not miss a beat.

I remember the days when I was student teaching.  (So embarrassing to think back- my cooperating teacher must have been an angel!)  I would get so excited when students would participate and hold up their hand.  It never failed that every other day someone would break our engaging lesson with an, "I have to go to the bathroom!"  I would say yes and then try to regroup.  Once I gained my own classroom I have always used signs and I just love it!  :)

I have an ASL alphabet chart hanging on my wall that the students use.  I also teach them many signs for social studies and science topics throughout the year. 

If you haven't incorporated something like this into your classroom, I highly recommend it!  ;)

Just start with teaching them to cross their pointer and middle finger then moving their hand left to right.  Try teaching them to use this when asking to use the restroom.  When you see how well it works, you will want to teach them even more!  :)



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