Sunday, August 10, 2014

Almost ready for Monday!

It is only 2 days away until I finally get to meet my new school "family."  I have the first week lessons typed up, papers are in their correct day of the week tub, and I have a stack of independent fillers ready for them.  Yet-  I still never feel 100% ready!

I still want to organize or change this- or change that...  Yet-  I know it is time!

Here is a peak at our room:
Ready for Meet and Greet! :-)

Right inside the door is our new word
work center.  This is not finished yet!  Yikes!  I just keep reminding myself that they will not be ready to even use it for a few weeks.  I always teach them how to use the paper practice items first.  
This houses our math board.  Under the easel houses materials for guided math groups.  Along the bottom of the board are comprehension strategy charts.  These are going to be moved and replaced with the 7 Habits of Happy Kids posters.  First grade is trying out the program this year and I am REALLY excited about it! The bathroom
wait list and passes as well as the clip chart are also here.  Hopefully I will be surprised on Monday with a Smartboard hanging there as well!  Last week a box arrived with one inside!  :-)
Here are our Book Browsing Boxes along the window.  I purchased new neon blue boxes this year.  Lol unfortunately I only ordered 24 and as of Friday have 27 students.  Therefore had to use some of my 9 year old dark blue tubs.  You also see our "just right" book library, comprehension goal tubs, iPad station and mailboxes.  

This is the teacher area.  The green basket is where students turn in lunch money.  The yellow basket is where students turn in notes.  Before I used this system- I was trying to juggle talking to students, collecting money, finding where 8 students placed their notes etc. Currently the reading table contains labeled tubs for Meet and Greet supplies. I somehow forgot to take a picture with it. 

This is my favorite wall!  I plan to draw names weekly and have students choose to display something on the left bulletin board.  The right board is our new word wall.  In the middle is our writing center.  The walls contain inspirational paintings.  On the student desks you will find a folder with an "All about my child" form (you can find it on my TPT), a remind101 sign up, a welcome letter for parents (you can find a copy on my online classroom, mystery reader sign up, volunteer sign up, and finally any district beginning of school forms.  The red bags contain a pencil, starburst with the tag- "I'm BURSTING with excitement that you are in my class!"  and the back to school magic confetti poem with a tiny bag of confetti.

Right now-  my math tubs, fiction and nonfiction library are covered with a massive box containing our new Smartboard!  Even though I couldn't take a picture-  I am delighted! :-)

I am going to write my next post from my computer so I can add images of our first week of school plans.  :-) I am anxious each year and would love to know what other people do!  Hopefully you will be inspired or feel more at ease after reading my plans.  :-)

Have a wonderful day!  


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