Saturday, August 9, 2014

Reading binder

In the past I have used a cheap folder to house reading materials. By mid year I had to bust out the packing tape and tape all of the seams.   This year I have upgraded to a much more sturdy binder!  

There are a few more items that I want to add but so far this is what they contain:
Spelling pre-test.  Each Monday students use a dry erase marker and attempt the new words for the week.  If they get them all correct-  students receive a challenge word list focusing on the same skill. 

These are interchangeable.  They are word work choice boards.  Students can use a dry erase marker to cross off a skill that they used during the week.  I have sets of these for sale on TPT.  Before students use these boards they have daily word study items to complete.  (Ill
post about this sometime later.)
I love this!  This comes from
Second Grade Story Window.  You can download it for free.  I highly recommend going to her site and checking out "chunk spelling". I use a modified version of this for word study. 

Next is our Phonics Dance chart.  As we introduce chunks- the students color the box in.  This serves as a resource for them as well.
This is our writing words notebook.  It has all of our district sight words plus room to add more.  As sight words are introduced-  students highlight them by green, yellow, or red by the type of word that they are.  You can purchase this as well on TPT. 
I love this!  This was created by Jodi Southard.   There is a reading passage and common core friendly daily comprehension tasks.  The passages are fairly interesting to the kiddos as well.  It is just a great way to slip in some
extra comprehension and reading practice. 

This is a part of how our district uses the phonics dance program.  Students use a page as a new chunk is introduced.  

I really hope that these hold up better than the folders from last year.  

When I login on my computer I'll try to add links.  :-)

Enjoy this beautiful Saturday!  


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