Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I am one lucky girl! Warning- mushy post!

I have always considered myself a "people lover."  I love meeting, talking to, and being around people.  Just recently I have befriended an older lady which I tend to run into on the weekends.  One day she turned to me and said- "Danielle- do you know why I like you?"  I was a little on edge to hear her answer because she is one of those friends that you never know what is going to come out of her mouth!  I asked why.  She said- "You don't judge and talk to everyone and treat everyone equally regardless of community stature, race, age etc." She then told a story about how recently some people were being nasty to her at a birthday party telling her she shouldn't have been there because she wasn't in the same social class.  It made me sad to hear it!  It made me realize that I need to keep doing what I am doing to model friendliness to my little first grade students.  I also thought that it was BY FAR the nicest compliment that I have ever received!  Hopefully I can keep living up to how she views me.  :-). I tricked another one into thinking I'm nice!  :-)

This is a bit of a mushy post because I wanted to highlight some of the amazing people in my life.  

First up- my hubby.  This weekend will be our 6th wedding anniversary!  I cannot believe it has been that long!  He is amazing.  He like most men is a "fixer."  He can fix pipes, computer problems, and dinner.  He however can also can weld anything including fancy art sculptures and fix a car.  He is a VERY busy man with a ton of business ventures but still takes the time to help this anxious lady out!  He just spent 8 hours in my classroom putting together shelves, hanging things, stuffing folders etc.  I am very blessed to have him in my life.  

Here is a peak of some things he did (I forgot to take a lot of pictures!)

He worked on 3 more walls of my
classroom but I forgot to take those pictures!

Up next are my teammates-  one is returning from last year and another is new to the district.  I cannot tell you how much I rely on them both!  For personal advice, for thumb tacks, for sharing resources ,or copying duties.  I am very lucky to have them!  I still meet with my teammates from my former district and we started a Pinterest sharing session dates.  We gab, eat, and give each other Pinterest classroom things like "brag tags" that we made for each other.  I LOVE my teacher friends.  No one quite understands a teacher like a teacher!  
This is a lovely little treat that was made for me this year:

Then there are amazing friends that I don't get to see that often but we keep up by random text messages.  These are friends that are great even if you don't see each other much.  It might be once a year but no one ever gets upset.  I have happy hours and breakfasts planned with these friends because with our busy lives it is tough to stay in touch.  I am not morning person so those 6 am Friday breakfast meetings are a killer but TOTALLY worth it!  

Recently one of my super creative friends painted these inspirational quotes me for and my hubby hung them!  I am
NOT artsy.  So I am so thankful for her taking the time in AUGUST when she is a teacher herself to make them for me.  :-)
On the proud wall are "I met my
Goal today!  Ask me about it!" badges.  This is a stolen idea from my principal.  She gives out jeans stickers that say- "I'm dressed casual today because..."  Love that idea!

I cannot post about friends and leave out Rob and my very best friends.  They are amazing people.  The type like my friend from the beginning mentioned- "don't judge."  They are the definition of true friendship.  My best friend is super intelligent (come on she is a scientist!) and fun.  We spend every weekend together.  However they still cut out my lamination, hot glue thumb tacks to clothes pins and help me when things just get stressful.  They are the type of people that I won't ever have to ask for help-  they know when I am overwhelmed and just "do things" to help.  Rob and I are very lucky to have met such selfless and amazing friends.  We have only known them for 3 years-  but it is definitely a friendship that will last a lifetime.  

And... one more!  I am very lucky to have 4 siblings!  Unfortunately I only see some
of them every couple of years due to living across the country from each other.  But I  grateful for those that live close to me and their significant others, my in-laws (who are DREAM in-laws), my dad, aunts and uncles.  :-). They are there for hanging out, playing games (my guilty pleasure), helping me and giving advice.  :-).

Now you might ask (if you made it this far) why I took the time to post this.  
I had a tough year last year (perhaps you noticed a lack in posting!). However I  am bound and determined to keep my positive attitude and just focus on the amazing things in my life.  I encourage you to do the same.  It is too easy to dwell on "poor me."  I had a friend share a quote with me last year that I love- "Don't think less of yourself.  Just think of yourself less."  So I am determined to do just that and remember and think of others and the amazing things in my life.
It is easy to do because I am surrounded by amazing people which makes me a very lucky girl!  

Thanks for reading!  :-). 

And...  Wrote this on my phone again.  You know what that means.  Super sorry!  


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