Monday, August 11, 2014

First Week of First Grade Plans

I ALWAYS forget what I do the first week of school!  It is the one time of year that I actually need fairly detailed plans.  If you are someone that forgets over the 6-8 weeks just like I do- feel free to download my plans (specific to me) for free to get some ideas.  I am quite sure that I have forgot some really important items.  :)
I also have included a 1st and 2nd week "checklist" of things that you need to remember to do.  Knowing me- after starting school on Wednesday- I will be adding to that list each day.  That way I WILL remember next year!  :)
Meet and Greet is tomorrow so I am sure I will go back to having radio silence for a couple of weeks.  You know how the beginning of the school year is.. 1.  You lose your voice  2.  You go to get at 6 PM!  (That is early for me when I typically go to bed between 2-3 AM.)
Enjoy getting to know your new classes.  I know that I cannot wait!  :)
Click here to download my first week plans.


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