Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Energized for the new year! TLAP!

My lesson plans are finished.  I have met my new kiddos and their families.  Morning work is on their table and sight word table names are up.  We are ready to go... Kinda.

I know that I talk about Dave Burgess and Teach Like a Pirate CONSTANTLY but I just cannot help it-  he is a fantastic motivator.  On my beginning of the year staff goal sheet-  I honestly wrote- "Implement more engaging strategies like Dave Burgess."  

One section of his book is titled- "The First 3 Days of School."  It is a short read but it describes some of the amazing techniques that he does.  He is a high school history teacher  so some of these activities scare me since my kiddos don't even know how to ask to use the restroom yet!  However they are important in developing rapport and classroom environment during the first few days.  I need to not only teach rules/ routines but also capture and peak their interest so that cannot wait to come back to school the next day.  

I have been participating in the Monday evening #tlap twitter chats.  If you are on twitter-  I highly recommend it-  even if you are not brave enough to participate-  you can still read tweets.  :-). I have learned a lot!  

On there I was pumped up to leave my normal "boring" first week routines to rest and "jazz" it up a bit. I wish my firsties could read more day 1 so I could have "shocking" messages...  Oh well!  I'm still proud of them-  just have to make it more visual!   Here are some ideas:

-  Day 1 teach kiddos to shake hands.  Tell them it is just the first part of a "secret" handshake.  They have to come back the next day to learn the next part.  
- Since we take a lot of assessments-  each time we will listen to "eye of the tiger" and do dramatic stretches or
do koo-koo kangaroo etc. before the assessment time.  I will tell them that we are "working out/ stretching their brain."
-When teaching bathroom and hallway rules-  we will of course motivate them by a friendly competition.  Boys vs girls
Or by color of hair etc.  Winners are
going to get some ridiculous yarn necklace with a toilet or Solo cup toilet
trophy etc.  For the hallway-  These trophies will be a mouse or something for "quiet as a mouse."  These trophies 
will travel back and forth all day.  "Who will it be this time?"  
- During independent time (Ha!  August first graders and the word "independent" never go in the same sentence!) I plan to have subject appropriate music playing.  
-I love Whole Brain Teaching!  I plan to even jazz this up a bit.  Instead of "class", "yes!"  I plan on using a different and more catchy phrase.  Perhaps "macaroni and cheese."  "Everybody freeze!"  Or you can't go wrong with- "STOP!"  "Collaborate and listen."
-Also when I teach the "scoreboard" the smiley faces will be replaced with something else- I'm just not sure what it will be yet!  
-I also love the idea of giving groups of tables a mini tube of toothpaste.  Have them squeeze it out- then tell them to put it back in.  This leads to a discussion that once you say a hurtful thing that it is tough to take it back.  

Hopefully some of you are ready to "dive in" and add more real life and engagement like me this year!  I hope to "see" you on the #tlap twitter charts on Monday evenings!  

I better go and attempt to get some
shut eye... No more mid- afternoon naps
until June again!  


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