Sunday, February 26, 2012

20% off Leap Day Sale! ;) And Giveaway Reminder!

Hi friends!  I know that I just had a sale last week but I just had to join Tunstall's Linky party!  Look at how cute the flier is... how could I not join??? 

I am offering 20% off everything in my store because I like you all so much!  ;)

Here is a link right to my store.  :)
As an added bonus...
if you buy 2 items- email me at with a name of a third file that is of equal or less value you would like me to send you for FREE!  :) 
So not only is there a discount on Leap Day but it is a buy 2 and get one free sale for my blog readers!  (Because I appreciate each and every single one of you for reading my ramblings.)  ;) 

Now on to the FREE stuff!  ;)

PLUS 8 picture books to go with EACH theme for the GRAND prize winner!  :)

I'm also reminding you about my giveaway!  I am giving away my 8 fiction writing prompts and activities.  There will be 3 winners and 1 GRAND PRIZE winner that receives both products AND 8 picture books

So far everyone is a winner!  :)  I was hoping to get more followers by this giveaway because I REALLY want to have a 100 follower giveaway!  I seriously have been collecting all kinds of goodies!  ;)

Have a great Monday!


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